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I am an OBGYN resident, pregnant with my first child. I am struggling to find books, blogs, forums, and other resources for people like me.

I am looking for two categories of resources:

1. Addressing the experience of being pregnant and of parenting while being a doctor, particularly a resident, particularly in a surgical specialty

2. Addressing the experience of pregnancy and childbirth as a person who has taken care of many pregnant people and delivered many babies. I would love books of the "What to Expect" and "The Birth Partner" variety, but for people with more baseline medical knowledge. My husband is also in medicine, and has delivered a handful of babies himself.

I know a lot of other residents, and a good number of other OBGYN residents, but very few who are pregnant or parenting.
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You want Fran‘s blog!
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There's that Mom MD facebook group - I'm not in it but maybe it's worth a shot? I'm not sure how active it is - I clicked around and saw that there's a link to a forum (which doesn't seem very active) of blogs of mothers who are MDs, so maybe that could be a source of information.
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In addition to Fran, you want Physician Moms Group. There's also an active Surgeon Moms Group.
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^ ohh that's the group I had heard about - ignore my suggestion above.
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Physician Moms Group on Facebook is the mothership of, er, physician moms groups. There are a ton of offshoot groups as well and I’m sure there’s an OB/GYN one, but the main group is probably the best place to start.
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There is definitely a Facebook group for OBGYN mothers because my OBGYN was telling me about it. Ask around to find.
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It might be worth contacting your medical alma mater's alumni office. That's my line of work, and if we got a call or email from you we would be thrilled to connect you with alumni who are or have been in your shoes.
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You might also be interested in the two birth story episodes of the Sawbones podcast. Usually it's a comedy podcast about medical history, but Sydnee is a family doctor, and I recall her talking about how different it was to be a patient, especially with their first, where the birth did not go as planned (so, TW for difficult births for that episode -- everything ended ok, FWIW).

First kid
Second kid
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