Netflix and 4:20... Dammit, I HAD something for this
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In honor of Neil Peart, I got blazingly high and am currently about to blast Moving Pictures at ear bleedingly loud volume directly into my, uh, ears. Afterwards I would like to watch some forked up trippy shirt on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

I'm still new to non cable TV, and I don't have a good handle on how to find stuff yet. I Googled "trippy movies Netflix" and got several lists of what looked like fun things, but when I search for specific titles that aren't there, the recommendations are not as relevant all I'd hoped. And it's a drag typing it with the TV remote. So part 1, any pointers for better searches, and part 2, what specific weird ass shit have you seen lately? I like Rick and Morty (although I justed watched the Ricklantis Mixup and WOW I gotta take that one in small doses), Bandersnatch (that one was tough because I didn't know the conceit going in and whoa I did not want to be in control of Black Mirror but it really dragged me in), I'd love to see the next Matrix, Cloud Atlas was fun, etc. Hit me!
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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) starring Gene Wilder, available on Netflix.
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Pi (1998) is on Amazon Prime
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Forbidden Zone (1982) on Amazon Prime
Undone on Amazon Prime
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Finding stuff on Netflix is terribly difficult. I discovered if you click the category heading ("trippy movies" "because you watched") it will open a full page of them.

I wish you could filter movies by cast, directors, years etc. Haven't figured that one out yet tho.
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On Netflix is still Love, Death, and Robots
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If you’re interested in very specific film categories, there’s a social network-y app called Letterboxd that allegedly has user-created lists that might help! I’ve never used it though, maybe someone with actual experience can chime in.

Also, the Koyaanisqatsi trilogy.
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All Amazon:

The Holy Mountain (first review notes "smoke weed before watching this film"*), Phantasm (I suggest smoking more weed before you watch this film), Fantastic Planet (if you have any hallucinogens, it's not a terrible idea), Prince of Darkness (god speed, little buddy!)

* also. Additionally, you might want to consider Attack of the Mushroom People.
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We've watched a few of these, you might like:
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams on Amazon. Some great guest stars in dark futures.
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In not sure if these are available on Netflix where you are, but...
Perfect Blue
Spirited Away
Dr. Strange
Spider Man Into the Spider-verse
Inland Empire
Lost Highway
Mulholland Drive
Exterminating Angel
The Draughtsman's Contract
Titus (the Julie Taymor film)
Across the Universe
Meet the Feebles
Flash Gordon (early 80's one)
Upstream Color
The Fifth Element
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Samsara, plotless, gorgeous, and riveting.
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I was making a list here before I saw Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is $2.99 on Amazon, so watch that.
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Your Name is an anime which looks like it's on Netflix (it is in Australia, not sure about elsewhere). The creator's visuals are always stunning, and the plot is kind of trippy but you kind of have to follow it sufficiently.
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Sturgill Simpson, the grammy award winning artist, made a new album and had it set to a series of weird, amazing anime. It's post-apocalyptic, grungy, outlaw country with samurai, naked disco dancers, a muscle car that turns into a motorcycle and two robots, etc.

Sound & Fury on Netflix.
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Trippy Happy, not Trippy Dark!
I second Spirited Away. Or yeah Your Name is terrific.
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Moving Pictures followed by Videodrome sounds perfect.
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I Lost My Body is on Netflix.
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Miss Hokusai is on Netflix, gorgeous visuals.
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Another vote for Gene Wilder's Willie Wonka
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