What should I watch?
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What TV series should I watch next (online or via Netflix DVD)?

Here is a list of things I've enjoyed recently (in no particular order), but I feel like I've exhausted all of the really good stuff.

Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead (Season 1)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Twin Peaks
Doctor Who (Note: I did not like Torchwood, mostly because it was not subtitled and was hard to understand)
Damages (through season 3, the beginning of season 4 was eye-rolling)
Dead Like Me
I Shouldn't Be Alive (cue up "one of these things is not like the others" - I also loved Survivorman)

I am currently watching:
Deep Space Nine
The Wire (in the first season, not especially enamored with it, and it's only on disc)

Things I have tried and didn't like:
Buffy (I know, I know, I should be banished)

Subtitles are a huge plus and are required if it's a non-American show. I am willing to pay if it's really really really good.
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Downton Abbey! Binged on the complete first season in a few sittings. On Netflix, with subtitles.
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I am here to say Deadwood.
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Game of thrones
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Six Feet Under. And stick it out with The Wire--I too found it difficult to get into until probably the second season even, but damn is it worth it.
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Seconding Deadwood. One of the finest series ever.
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OH--and Battlestar Gallactica for sure.
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Arrested Development!
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Keep watching The Wire, it gets better.
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Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire

I hesitate to mention "The Killing", because I got really irritated with it towards the end of the first season, but maybe it'll redeem itself?

And a couple of the greatest comedies currently airing, even though you don't mention other comedies:
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Seconding Six Feet Under and Community. Try House Of Cards for a clever English political thriller.
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Best of British sitcoms: Misfits! Campus! Peep Show!

All on Hulu last I checked.

Misfits is the closest fit to the ones you listed. Give it time - it gets better and takes a few episodes to get into. All three shows are like that, actually. And all are hilarious.

Also enjoyed watching all the past seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix/Hulu. Good times.
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If you like British television/mysteries. Wire in the Blood, Prime Suspect, Waking the Dead.
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Thirding Community.

I also use subtitles, and they have been very good for this show on the DVDs.
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Also, the British show, The IT Crowd, it's very funny.
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From the one-season wonders department: If you liked Doctor Who (but not Torchwood), you'll probably like The Middleman. And I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Kings; give it a shot if you like "Deadwood" and want more flowery language & Ian McShane.
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You might like Supernatural based on your X Files and Fringe preferences. Warehouse 13 might be for you as well.
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Yessss! The IT Crowd, Misfits, and Peep Show! I second all of them. Spaced is fun too: early Simon Pegg.
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Battlestar Galactica

I'm currently watching the entire run of "Homicide" while walking on the treadmill in the mornings, but I loved The Wire so it may not be your cup of tea.

Also maybe Being Human (original, British version).
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I second Prime Suspect (the one with Helen Mirren natch), though the first season is about 20 times better than the other seasons. The first one is a classic. While you're going British: I, Claudius. Spaced. Peep Show.
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Community and Misfits are both awesome.
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Veronica Mars
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Black Books must be added to the list of British comedies.
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Babylon 5

:) Right now it's disk only but it's been on streaming too. Fun to compare and contrast with DS9. First season is a bit underwhelming in some places, but seasons 2, 3, and 4 are really great.

nthing: Veronica Mars, Deadwood, and Rome.
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The recent (past few years) BBC "Jekyll" miniseries was really quite good.
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Old British Comedies: Fawlty Towers.

I STILL watch it every year or so.
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Veronica Mars
Arrested Development
Battlestar Galactica

Give The Wire a shot, it takes a (long) while to get into it.

I loved Downton Abbey S1, but found S2 was soapy.
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If British crime dramas are of any interest, Lewis is one of the best in recent years (succeeding, and almost the equal of, Morse).

I really like Foyle's War too.
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Definitely seconding/thirding/etc-ing:
Game of Thrones
Six Feet Under
Peep Show (and this if you enjoy skits)
Black Books

Flashpoint (The most addicting show I've found out there, and I love 99% of your list.)
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Long as we're talking Brit-coms (though the OP didn't specifically ask for those): Father Ted, Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

You might also like Hustle and that new Sherlock Holmes (with Martin Freeman).
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Party Down
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Coming in out of left field

Red Riding Trilogy,
Wire in the Blood,
Downton Abbey,
Kolchak: The Night Stalker,
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The Prisoner
Buffy wasn't good till the 4th season. Just sayin.
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Spooks! It was broadcast as MI-5 on A&E, but get the uncut BBC version.
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30 Rock
Six Feet Under

and really, give Buffy a shot. If after the first two season you aren't hooked, then you must be a vampire without a soul.
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N'thing Misfits and Peep Show. I also enjoyed Kingdom with Stephen Fry.
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In Treatment
Curb your enthusiasm (especially the last season)
I second Deadwood and 30 Rock.

And, if you're in the mood for a light but entertaining show, I recommend Drop Dead Diva. Such a guilty pleasure!
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Forbrydelsen (The Killing) and Durham County.

I hesitate to mention "The Killing", because I got really irritated with it towards the end of the first season, but maybe it'll redeem itself?

Which production? I thought the original Danish production was really good, but didn't like AMC's version all that much and stopped watching after the second episode.
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Which production?

AMC's. When plot twists became expected weekly events, it was no longer fun.
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Lost. Still one of my favorites.
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I'm going through the recently posted to instant's Reaper. It's kind of a combination between Buffy and Chuck.

Also, I believe there are 5 seasons of Psych online as well. Both of my recs are pretty light, good for tuning in while you're eating dinner or need a brief distraction in between repeats of Mad Men and Breaking Bad that are also availabl.e
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If you haven't seen Sports Night, do. I don't like sports, but this character-driven dramady is just great.
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I think three shows encapsulate all you need from TV about life.

The Wire (you're watching, it gets very engrossing after a slow start), Friday Night Lights (on netflix instant), The West Wing (not on instant, sub in Sports Night if you have to have netflix).

I like all the shows you like, btw.

Deadwood, Rome and Leverage are also shows I think you'd really like based on your taste.

You've hit most of the sci-fi stuff so...
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Also Sherlock is phenomenal but it's really 3 movie sized episodes instead of a TV show.
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Pushing Daisies
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How about the various Stagate series? Seasons 1-7 of SG-1 were quite good, 8 was OK, and the last couple kinda dragged in my opinion. Atlantis had a different feel to it, but I enjoyed that as well and felt it had a couple more good seasons in it.
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Battlestar Galactica!
Also the prequel, Caprica, was awesome but they cancelled it after one season.

If you haven't seen Arrested Development, I highly recommend it. Soooo funny! Plus they're coming out with some new Hulu-only episodes and a movie soon!

You don't say how you feel about animated comedies, but if you at all like Family Guy, South Park and perhaps any other Adult Swim fare, I recommend checking out Archer. It's on FX but feels like an Adult Swim show. I heard it described as Arrested Development meets James Bond.
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Party Down and Archer are two shows that I never see recommended enough. They're both great.

And you should definitely give Arrested Development a good try. It's fantastic.

The reason that Archer is often compared to Arrested is that two of the actresses are the same, and they play very similar characters in both shows. Archer is animated, but is still really good.
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Seconding Being Human (the UK version is superior but the US version isn't bad)
Leverage is awesome.
Pushing Daisies
Better off Ted
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Big Love
The Sopranos
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Luther. It's streaming on Netflix, and stars Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire).
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Seconding Babylon 5, though it's a pity they've pulled it from streaming.
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British comedies - not sure if they have subtitles, but I could check my copy of Blackadder:
Red Dwarf

American (some are nthing other's suggestions):
Northern Exposure
Battlestar Galactica
Mad Men
House (Seasons 1 to 3, at least)
ER (Seasons 1 to 4 or so)
Twin Peaks

I'm just starting on West Wing, myself, so don't know yet. Also wanted to see Weeds, L-Word, The Wire, Big Love, and Breaking Bad.

I'm currently watching and enjoying Boss. Pan Am and Grimm are okay.

I did not like 24 very much.
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I think you'll really like the 2002 NBC series Boomtown. It's probably the closest thing to an "experimental" drama you'll ever see on American network TV. Set in Los Angeles, you might think it's just an standard cops and lawyers show from the description (actually, it covers several distinct groups involved in the pursuit of crime: politicians, cops, detectives, paramedics, and reporters) -- but it's the /way/ it tells its stories that sets it apart. More than one review has compared its fragmented, nonchronological, unreliable-narrators style to RASHOMON, and it's complemented by some really fantastic performances, particularly from Neal McDonough.

First season's only ten bucks at Amazon, but avoid the /second/ season at all costs (it's not on DVD, so that won't be too hard). For the second season, the network lowered the boom and insisted that it turn into a standard cops'n'robbers show in an attempt to draw an audience -- didn't work, and alienated the people who loved the wonderful headgames of the first season.

As far as comedies go, I love "Newsradio" -- best sitcom of the Nineties, I think, with some really wonderful performances from people like Stephen Root, Phil Hartman, Dave Foley, and Maura Tierney. At least one other guy agrees with me about its greatness: Newsradio and the Comedic Art.

Seconds to the House of Cards trilogy (probably my favorite piece of TV ever) and Peep Show.

It's not TV, but you might like it anyway: the Pusher Trilogy. If you've ever wondered what the Sopranos might be like if it were set in Denmark instead of Jersey, here's your answer. Incredibly violent, wonderfully tense, leavened with dark humor.
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I'm surprised no one yet mentioned "Life On Mars" (the British not the American version) as well as its sequel series "Ashes to Ashes"
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Oh - must second "Pushing Daisies" - a wonderfully unique show.
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The first season of Oz.
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West Wing.
Burn Notice (I am probably damning myself by admitting I like it, but I like watching stuff blow up).
The original Prime Suspect with Helen Miram
Life on Mars UK version
Game of Thrones
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Wilfred is pretty great. Pushing Daisies is similarly awesome.
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Nurse Jackie
True Blood
The Borgias
Rescue Me
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yeah based on what youve watched already, and its complete availability on netflix instant - you gotta jump on battlestar next!!!! there is a lot to blow through!
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Carnivale and Lost.
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Another vote for West Wing, Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica, Downton Abbey, Six Feet Under, True Blood, Burn Notice (totally underrated) and Rome. Also, if you haven't already: X-Files!

It's totally formulaic, but I really enjoyed the original NCIS for many years, and only dropped off because I got busy for a while.

I would recommend giving The Wire and Buffy a second chance. They really are terrific once you get into them.

Just finished Star Trek: Voyager and enjoyed it.

If you like travel shows: Michael Palin has a bunch of travel shows that are really entertaining. Stephen Fry in America is also good. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations is always a lot of fun.

Reality TV that I am not ashamed to admit I love: So You Think You Can Dance. I hear good things about The Amazing Race.

Ken Burns' documentary series are so absorbing. We really enjoyed "Baseball" and "National Parks."

A fun, underrated comedy is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Shows I never got into at the time for lack of time and/or cable but would like to eventually see: The Sopranos, Rescue Me, Lost, Game of Thrones.
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Give Life on Mars US version a chance. I found the show did a great job of recreating the 70's look, at least as I as remember it from watching Taxi Driver, Serpico, etc. Plus, Harvey Keitel is in it!

Also, nthing Foyle's War.

And for two additional great British TV shows:

Horatio Hornblower


The Thick of It

If you do end up watching Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister as suggested above, you absolutely must follow up with The Thick of It.
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Wallander - the British version with Kenneth Brannagh or the Swedish version with subtitles.
The Hour - Dominic West's new mini-series about the BCC show of the same name
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The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series (outstanding until Reichenbach Falls, then needs some picking-and-choosing afterwards; skip the final series)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley's People

The early Poirot (with Captain Hastings still on board)

If you can see the subtitled Swedish Wallander, I'd recommend it over the Branagh version

Inspector Morse, although it runs into trouble once they start doing original stories

Lewis, the Morse spinoff
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Warehouse 13
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Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

each is a 6 episode mini series, I enjoyed them and don't see them recommended above.
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Get on Party Down soon, as the Starz shows will be going away from Netflix in the near future.
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As has been mentioned, Six Feet Under and Pushing Daisies. They go well with Dead Like Me.

Six months ago, I was having to be convinced to stick through The Wire (I found Season 2 especially hard to get through), but I'm glad I did.
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Modern Family
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Green Wing, outstanding British comedy.

Also, Kingdom Hospital, but the original Danish series by Lars van Trier.
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nth-ing Six Feet Under. My most favorite show ever. If you like following the development of complex characters, and family dynamics, you'll love Six Feet Under.

If you're a fan of Dead Like Me, you'll likely enjoy Pushing Daisies. Similar people involved.

Also nthing Battlestar Galactica. Its one big cheesy, cliché, sci-fi soap opera in the best possible way.
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Response by poster: Here's the count of how many times a show has been mentioned in this thread. I guess I know where to start!

Battlestar Galactica.. 9
Deadwood................ 8
Six Feet Under......... 7
Peep Show............... 6
Pushing Daisies........ 6
The Wire .................6
Sherlock Holmes........ 5
Community............... 5
West Wing............... 4
Downton Abbey....... 4
Rome................... 4
Game of Thrones...... 4
Arrested Development 4
Misfits................. 4
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From that list, I'd start with the series that are no longer on the air. There's something nice about having a definitive number of episodes to go through, and you can plan accordingly.
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other david simon: the corner, generation kill. both are more accessible, initially, than the wire, but only have 1 6-8 episode season, each. maybe the first season of treme is out too?
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Band of Brothers
From the Earth to the Moon
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The Tudors

Can't believe nobody mentioned it yet. I like almost all the shows mentioned so far but IMHO, The Tudors is better than the majority of them.

Also, for Game of Thrones, read the books first if you enjoy reading at all. It will be worth it!
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+1 Deadwood
+1 Carnivale
+1 Rome (1st season)
+1 the Shileld
+1 the Wire
-1 Six Feet Under (tried to stick with it for 3 seasons but couldn't get into the characters)
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Almost forgot:

+1 The Riches
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Don't overlook these Sci-Fi gems free on Hulu:
- Daybreak
- FlashForward

Other amazing shows no one seems to know about:
- Thief
- Terriers
- Life
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Bored To Death. Funny and smart, and Ted Danson as Graydon Carter if Graydon Carter was a stoner.

I do not know that Carter isn't a stoner. I don't know the man.
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It's only a couple of seasons, but before Sorkin created/wrote The West Wing, he created/wrote Sports Night. Many of the actors show up again in West Wing; Sorkin is also good at casting.

I've been enjoying Lewis, and will probably go back and watch Morse.
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