Wherefore art thou, Hannibal?
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Is there a website that will allow me to search for a list of current/semi-current shows and determine which streaming services they are available on?

I'm in a down period for school right now, and I've got some time to catch up on the shows that the kids are talking about these days. I don't have a DVR, and I'm not a big fan of scheduling my life around TV so I live with what I can get from streaming services.

It seems like NBC's Hannibal might be right up my alley, and while it appears that I can stream some episodes from their website, I'd prefer to access it using one of the following streaming services that work through my entertainment center (combination of Sony TV with lots of apps, Playstation 3, iPad):
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Instant (including Prime)
  • HBO Go
I could add access to Hulu Plus (which would allow me to watch free Hulu on my PS3), but I'd prefer not to have yet another stream service to subscribe to. If, however, I could see that a number of the shows that pique my interest are Hulu only, that might change my mind.

I am also lazy, and would like to avoid visiting the catalogues for each of these services to find out where Hannibal, or Downton Abbey, or the nifty-looking Tron Animated Series can be found.

Surely someone has built (and maintains) a database like this, right?
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Best answer: Does exactly what you're looking for: http://www.canistream.it/
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Best answer: I like moreflicks. The killer feature for me is that they list which counties the content is available in. If you have access to a VPN you can significantly increase the amount of content.
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Best answer: When you search for a movie or TV show on IMDB it will usually tell you the services it's available on in the "Videos" section.
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tv.com also does this.
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