distressed plastic water bottles
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so all the 20 oz. water bottles that i bought several years ago are starting to look a bit distressed. are they still safe to use or am i SOL?
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What kind of water bottles are they? We have Nalgene bottles that are easily in their third decade that are fine.
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"Safe to use" is relative, and the answer is almost certainly yes.

That being said, if you were ever worried about bisphenol A, here is bad news.
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i am the OP. these are bottles of water that i bought in the supermarket, not reusable.
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Ah. Are you looking for permission to buy new 20 oz. bottles of water at the grocery store and to then use those for the next few years? If so, you have my permission! You are still environmentally streets ahead of both people who drink bottled water all the time (shame!) and those who buy reusable water bottles (no shame there!).
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According to various sanitation and emergency-preparedness sites, commercial bottled water has a shelf life of 1-2 years. E.g., the Government of Canada emergency preparedness site says "Replace [...] store-bought bottled water every year."
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If it's those crinkly thin plastic bottles, e.g. Kirkland Signature brand, the problem is that the plastic starts to break down. If it's several years old I would drink it in an emergency but not otherwise.
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Toss it. Buy a big glass jug for next time.
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Water your plants with the water, then send the plastic to the recycling.

If you keep large quantities of water on hand for emergency prep, consider a reusable container. The wirecutter's review showcases several options and their ease of use/practicality for different people.
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This episode of SoundQs (Can that water you're stockpiling in case of emergency go bad?) Is right up your alley.

Skip to the 7 minute mark to hear the wisdom of a microbiologist. More or less 2 years for factory-sealed water.
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