Give me your best advice for Waterton NP
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I'm planning a mini-honeymoon trip for this coming August to Glacier/Waterton NP. We're pretty familiar with the Glacier side and will be starting on the US side in the Many Glacier area, but I also want to add on a night in Waterton which we know very little about. Advice on hotels and trails please?

We're visiting in mid-August and will be driving up to Waterton after spending 2 nights in St. Mary to hike our favorite Many Glacier trails. We like Iceberg Lake, Grinnell Lake, Piegan Pass -- moderately strenuous, not too many people, max 10-11 miles roundtrip.

1) What trails should we check out on the Waterton side?

2a) Should we stay at the Prince of Wales hotel? Only Standard 5th floor or Standard rooms are available for our dates (mountainside, not lakeside). I'm more concerned about reasonable room quality than the price. We don't care about stairs, but are the 5th/6th floor rooms smaller than the others?

2b) If we don't stay in-park at the Prince of Wales, what's the nearest real hotel (not motel) to the park?

3) Anything else we should know? We'll bring passports of course and will likely be driving a Montana-licensed personal car.
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I’m so glad you are going to Waterton! You will see so many fewer people on the trails. Because of that we had lots of bears on the trails, that we didn’t see in Glacier.
Make sure you look up what you can bring into Canada, they really hassled us about meat products. Dude, we’re vegetarian, I don’t have any meat in my cooler.
We camped, sorry no hotel rec.
There were so many deer in town, a mountain lion pounced off a hotel roof and took down one midday. (A story a local told us).
Very friendly place.
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