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I have a Wordpress blog, with my own domain name registered on Google Domains. I would like to retire the content on the blog, and keep a permanent archive of it. How?

The goal of the archive is to document the blog in a format that I can peruse when I feel nostalgic. I'm flexible about the format of this archive - it could be anything from a secret link to a self-bound paper printout.

The blog has maybe 30 posts, each about 150 words long. It's comprised of writing, photos, links to other pages, and embedded YouTube videos.

I don't need the links to be active, nor the videos to be playable, as I trust they'll be on YouTube 'til Ozymandias crumbles, and anyway, I have them on a hard drive too. So preserving the blog pages just as static images would be fine.

I also want to reuse the same domain name for another project.

What should I do?
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If there's only 30 posts, I'd just print each one to PDF and store it on your computer or in cloud storage somewhere.
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If you're comfortable with the command line and have access to a machine with wget (e.g. a Mac or Linux), something like this should do the trick (assuming your blog is at website.com): wget --mirror -p --html-extension --convert-links http://website.com/. This will give you a directory website.com containing a file index.html, which you can open in a browser to navigate an offline version of your blog.
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Is it already archived on archive.org?
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wget may not work with Wordpress blogs, the modern web is disgusting.
I assume the OP doesn't want to post the blog URL here but knowing the site layout could help in answering the question.

HTTrack with the right configuration might fare better and is available for Windows as well.

At only 30 posts, the simpler option would be a quality page capturing extension like Web ScrapBook or SingleFile; open each post in its own tab and capture all, both extensions have a bulk capture option.

Don't use image snapshots or PDFs only, have at least one plaintext or HTML backup that you can modify and copy text from easily.
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I've never tried this, but you could try using the WP2Static plugin to generate your blog as a static site, then zip up the files. You should then be able to easily unzip the site anywhere and view the whole thing with a web browser.
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