Immigration lawyers in Toronto?
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Immigration lawyer referral in Toronto wanted!

Looking for any personal referrals to an immigration lawyer in Toronto (bonus points if downtown). The specific case involves an American with a student visa currently in Canada wanting to obtain Canadian citizenship, but also wanting to go to China for some time. In other words, not a refugee case. If anyone has any experience with a great lawyer, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!

(Also, I know about the LSUC referral service and the LSUC specialist directory, in case anyone points it out - I'm looking more for personal experience)
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Best answer: Lorne Waldman

Probably the best in Canada. Was great for me.
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Best answer: As to the citizenship issue, bear in mind that it's a prerequisite that the student become a "permanent resident" before applying for citizenship - there is also a requirement that the applicant be resident in Canada for a specified period of time. More info here (link to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site).

Re: the question itself - ditto unSane's recommendation. He's got plenty of experience in immigration law.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendation. I've actually met him before once or twice, never knew he was an immigration specialist. He also appears to be on the Arar defense team. Any idea how much he charges per hour?
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I can't remember what his rate was but I was surprised at how low it was given his profile. He is indeed on the Arar and many other cases.
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