Looking for a Persian vegetable side dish for a cozy Christmas dinner
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Persian Cooking Filter: I need a vegetable side dish to go with fesenjoon and tachin. (Not Shirazi salad.)

I'm making Christmas dinner for two. The fesenjoon and tachin both lean sour (as many Persian dishes do) – so I want something non-sour, for contrast.

I probably want something that's served warm, but I'm open to other ideas.

I don't know much about Persian food (except that I've loved everything I've tried so far), so whatever you suggest will probably be new and exciting to me.

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Best answer: Sounds delicious! I’ve made this herb and chickpea stew (minus the rice) and it’s delicious. As I recall, I went much lighter on the broth to keep it from being too soup-y. May not meet the non-sour requirement, however.
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Best answer: Mr Poste - who has the good fortune of Persian family- says: kuku (many kinds available!) or mirza ghasemi. Both are warm vegetable sides, milder flavours than fesenjoon. I'd add if you're not doing it already, the staple side dish is mast o chiar/yogurt and cucumber, as it is a good contrast with tangy sour flavours. Enjoy!
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Best answer: Kashke bademjoon is one of my favorite foods. More of an app than a side, but delicious.
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Best answer: I'll second mirza ghasemi. It's slightly sour (from the tomatoes and smokiness of the eggplant), but the eggs give it a richness that counteracts acidity.

A bowl of bread, (feta?) cheese, fresh herbs, walnuts, and radishes is a common appetizer/accompaniment to Iranian meals.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I ended up choosing mirza ghasemi. It's relatively simple to make, and I already have my hands full.

Happy holidays to all!
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