Make ahead meals with turkey
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Howdy. I am a roasting a turkey this weekend not for holiday purposes but because I am bad at cooking and as a result bad at eating. Need make ahead recipes that use turkey, can be frozen, and work for a single person.

To make things more complicated, I am off dairy for health reasons. The idea is that I will use my newly roasted turkey to make a bunch of large dishes or things that I can cut into single portions and freeze to give myself a healthier 2020. These need to be easy and tasty. Hive mind, whatcha got?
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Hi! First, I absolutely love alton browns spachcock turkey roast with a dry brine. It produces way better turkey than any other meal. this isn't the full episode, but it's right!

Turkey chili is really good. So is turkey noodle soup. I love frozen soups.
Turkey-and-potatoes-and-squash is also a favorite of mine.
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I think Thai and pseudo-Thai recipes (pad thai or a salad like this) are pretty good with turkey. You could cut a lot of turkey up into strips and freeze that-- maybe with the marinade-- to be assembled before eating. Or just make the recipe and freeze single servings, although I'm not sure I would freeze the more delicate ingredients like glass noodles.
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I'm roasting a turkey after Christmas (lots of family in town) and am looking forward to turkey enchiladas with the leftovers. We also usually make turkey tetrazzini casserole, both of which should freeze nicely.
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