OCR/Interact with COmputer Screensin Realtime?
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Hi, AskMe. :) This is kind of related to my previous ask, in that I'm hoping to use it to help with Eve online, but it also applies more broadly. What solutions exist for OCRing and interacting with a computer screen in real-time?

Windows 10 comes with a built-in OCR solution, and there is a screen reader interface to it, but its' rather minimalist, the only virtues for my purposes being that it has decent recognition quality most of the time, and can route the mouse to bits of text it picks up.

Surely there's more than one solution to this particular issue? I'm aware of the term "screen scraping," which is at least somewhat similar in execution, but I know nothing about what tools are used to do it. I wondered if the hive mind might have any ideas.

My requirements are good recognition quality, decent speed, and the ability to click on the text recognized after the fact. This is critical for interacting with games and other apps which don't expose their UIs in conventional ways. Ideally I could do recognition a bit more granularly than just "the entire screen," and the price wouldn't be too exorbitant.

Thanks for any thoughts, as always.
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