Hikes and/or natural beauty within 100 miles of Houston
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I have some free time in Houston coming up and I’d like to spend it making day trips to the great outdoors. Closer to Houston is better but anywhere out to a 100 mile radius would be fine. Any suggestions?
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Are you hoping to hike, bike or kayak? Regardless, Mr Beaning likes the Houston hiking group at https://www.hatsandmore.org . The menu has a link to some of their favorite hikes, I think, I'm on mobile and can't really remember. And of course, Galveston and Bolivar, Brazos Bend state park and Sam Houston National Forest are among the usual suspects. George Bush park is nice too I hear.
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I don't know Houston, but for a few other cities, I've liked the 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles series. 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston.
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Response by poster: Are you hoping to hike, bike or kayak?

Hike, and honestly short hikes (4-5 miles) are probably best.
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It’s been, uh, 22 years since I lived in Houston, but Jesse H. Jones park in Humble was always our go-to for hiking and nature.
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I note that the Big Thicket National Preserve is 97 miles from downtown Houston.

Beautiful place.
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Cullinan park is in Sugarland and its lovely.

If you go to George Bush, make sure it hasn't rained recently because it's likely to have flooded if it has. Also get a map of that stupid park because those trails make no sense whatsoever lol. But there is absolutely a handful of gorgeous locations in that Park. this is my favorite park for wildlife viewing with the exception of Brazos bend..

Keith-weiss has some really cool little lakes, but it's also prone to have a ton of children and or teenagers.

The Houston arboretum is good enough for a couple hours of pretty tame nature, without having to drive far.

It's 200 miles, but enchanted Rock is pretty darn cool and even has some caving as well as spectacular hiking.
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I haven't been to the Armand bayou nature sanctuary in *Mumble* years but I remember it being really good too
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We really enjoyed our time at Brazos Bend State Park last month. There are many trails, most on or near bodies of water. There are live oaks that are hundreds of years old. Some of the oak trees are filled with vultures (we estimate that one set of trees had 100 birds in them). The lakes had many types of birds, including anhinga, roseate spoonbill, black bellied whistling duck, etc. There is an observation tower to climb, and see more birds.

Let's talk about alligators. We saw six on hour walk, including one that was resting On The Trail. If you take a dog you should supervise it closely.

Admission was $7 per person. The park is about 40 miles south of Houston.
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