Media for kids that promotes compassion/perspective/boundaries
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Looking for semi-educational gift ideas for a friendly, open, assertive 10 year old who sometimes overreaches in interpersonal stuff with his family and young friends. His mom has suggested this to me as an area for Christmas gifts along with the usual kid things. I'm thinking he'll figure himself out naturally as he matures and increases his social experience, but also I suspect he does need a little help. Stories, movies, shows? Something less conventional?
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The book Harriet the Spy is very much about a bright, fun, thoughtful kid who has trouble with interpersonal stuff and learns empathy:

“She made herself walk in Sport's shoes, feeling the holes in his socks rub against his ankles. She pretended she had an itchy nose when Janie put one abstracted hand up to scratch.” She has gone beyond Harriet M. Welsch and into the "shoes" of others, a major step in becoming an adult.
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I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re after and haven’t seen a copy in the flesh, but I just came across it today - Big Life Journal is a cool-looking activity book designed to help kids with their personal and emotional development. There’s one version for 7-10 year olds (linked) and another for 11+.
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These are both good suggestions. Thanks!
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