Cozy pre-theater dinner in downtown PDX
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A friend is taking me to see the Nutcracker this weekend, and I'm getting dinner. I'm being indecisive about picking a place and also about how early to make a reservation for a 7:30 show (we will walk/transit to the Keller). I'm looking for something cozy, convivial and in the American/English/traditional range, ideally with good beer or cocktails. No dietary restrictions. Price range is $100ish for the both of us, but flexible. Post-show drinks recommendations also welcome.
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Best answer: Higgins

I have lived in Portland for almost 20 years, am vegan (the restaurant is not) and it is one of the best meals I have ever had. Approx 10 minute walk to Keller.
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Best answer: Seconding Higgins.
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Best answer: Higgins is fabulous.

I'll also recommend Swank & Swine in the Paramount Hotel. I've only been there once, but the food was fantastic, and the drinks are on-point. (Would also be a nice cozy after-show place.)

I started this post thinking your show was at the Schnitz, which is closer to Swank & Swine, but it's still walkable to the Keller. Or I think the streecar may also be an option if needed.
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Best answer: Higgins is great and often books up for dinner to accommodate shows downtown. It also might be a bit more than you'd want to spend (entrees are $20-40) so take a look at the menu.

Raven and Rose is cozy and close-ish to Keller as well. Also check prices.

I'd take a look at Open Table and see where you can get a reservation at this point. If you're going to walk, I'd say make a reservation for 5-5:30 at the latest, and 5 if you'll be further away and will want to take transit (or, more realistically, Lyft or Uber).
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The Picnic House is one of my favorites. We had dinner here for the MeFi meetup a few months ago when bondcliff and mathowie and cortex were all there.
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Best answer: In terms of after-drinks, Barlow is the bar attached to Picnic House and they do stellar cocktails including a fantastic Moscow mule.
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Response by poster: Higgins only had bar seating left for reservations, so I went with Raven and Rose, and Barlow seems on point for afterward. Thanks, y'all! I don't trust Yelp but I trust you.
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