An app to let me run a small library
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Hi all, is there an app or similar thing that would allow me to run a small library of sorts?

Hi all, is there an app or similar thing that would allow me to run a small library of sorts? I have a collection of books related to my work as a therapist and clinical supervisor that I would like to give my supervisees and other colleagues access to, but I'd like to actually keep track of them somehow instead of just lending them out here and there. My hope is to find something where I could potentially scan the book with my phone and check it out to a person. The books were given to me by my mentor and I think she would love to see them used like this, but I want to figure out the best way to do that to preserve the collection. Some of them are expensive or difficult to find and it's a valuable collection in terms of the knowledge in it. Thanks for any ideas!
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Goodreads allows you to scan the cover of a book to bring up it's info. I have a shelf tagged "loanedout" for my personal books.
Librarything is more like a library catalog, but I don't know if the app allows scanning with the phone. I use Librarything with an actual bar code scanner where I work.
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Check out Librarything’s version for very small libraries, TinyCat, at
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Although my household played around with scanners and code and wound up with paper checkout cards that borrowers write their names on.
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Delicious Library on Mac. There’s a companion app for iOS.
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Bookpedia is another Mac/iOS option. I believe this one uses your OS user address book for the library users though- could be good or bad depending on your needs.
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Yes!! I knew you all would have some ideas! Going to go through these as soon as I can. Any additional ideas welcome!
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TinyCat turns out to work perfectly for me!
Thank you so much.
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