Pie/2 - leftover pecan pie goo
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What should I do with leftover pie goo? (that's not more pie)

What happened was this: I made the heated part of pecan pie goo (various kinds of sugar and butter with chocolate). When I went to make the egg side, I found half my eggs were cracked! I made less pie, but now I have leftover sugar/butter goo that I need to use up. I've tried it in my coffee, and it was just sort of okay. Any suggestions, other than more pie? I'm a little pied out.
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MAKE ICE CREAM. (Sorry, I am very excited by this but seriously, add some chopped pecans nuts and the ice cream would be delicious.) Same for adding much, much more chocolate to make brittle or bark for holiday gifting.
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Homemade truffles/filled chocolate cups? I would use dark chocolate to offset the extreme sweetness of pecan pie filling. Maybe mix some chopped roasted pecans into the filling for texture. I wonder if maybe you could use it in/on cinnamon rolls?
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Spoon it over vanilla ice cream.
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Are you graham cracker crust or shortbread crusted out? That would make yummy bars, and you could freeze for the holiday season.
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Use as a swirl in either cheesecake bars or brownies. Or spoon over yellow cake. Or make cinnamon rolls and spoon on top (might burn if you use as filling, but will be great as a topping.) Or just as ice cream topping.
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Put it on oatmeal for breakfast
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Make chocolate pralines, fudge, ice cream topping, chocolate peanut butter brittle, or sneak spoonfuls when no one is looking.

Sugar & butter & chocolate mixture will freeze until the next time you make pie. it's a odd amount, so you could make a few pecan tarts.
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1. Your pecan pie goo has chocolate in it? I’m intrigued.

2. Send it to me.

3. Eat it on pancakes. Or I really love the cinnamon roll idea.
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Put some in your whiskey
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Stir it into plain yogurt.
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Lots of great ideas! Weeping_angel, I add dark chocolate chips after I turn the heat off. I also add bourbon to the egg mixture for a bourbon chocolate pecan pie.

Much obliged, MeFi!
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I am confused, why would you not spoon the goo into your mouth forthwith?

You could eat it on some kind of lightly sweetened cake like panettone.
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I am also intrigued. Is there a recipe?
Oh... other than just eating it (who needs crust?) this would be a divine frosting over a German chocolate cake.

Think ice box cake. Layer cake (or vanilla wafers, Twinkies, etc.), then pudding (the pie filling), then whipped cream or other light layer. Repeat and top with garnish (pecans in this case). Keep in the fridge between servings.
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