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No ham sandwiches, please.
December 28, 2009 12:21 PM   Subscribe

What to make for dinner tonight using the last of the Christmas ham?

I'm out of ideas for tonight's dinner. After a full week home with the kids thanks to 2 feet of snow and cooking for the holidays, I don't know what to do with the last of the Christmas ham for tonight's dinner. Give me your ideas. If they're quick, easy or kid-friendly, I'm even more interested.

We have not been eating ham since Friday. We actually sent the majority of it home with our guests. So, this will be the one and only meal using left over ham.

The ham was glazed with a dark honey, ginger, mustard mix and is more sweet than salty. So, throw your best left over recipes at me.
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Depending on how much is left, you could throw it into a frittata, quiche, omelet, or similar egg-based dish.
posted by tellumo at 12:25 PM on December 28, 2009 [1 favorite]

Do you have some sweet potato souffle left over? Or some sweet potatoes? You could make ham 'n yams. Google has many, many recipes but it's pretty hard to mess up anyway.
posted by squorch at 12:27 PM on December 28, 2009

How about...soup, frittata, or gnocchi?
posted by elisebeth at 12:28 PM on December 28, 2009

How about dicing it up and putting it in some homemade mac and cheese? Yum.
posted by Maisie at 12:28 PM on December 28, 2009 [2 favorites]

scalloped potatoes & ham

bean soup in ham stock (especially if you still have the bone)

collard greens with ham

chopped ham salad
posted by Jon_Evil at 12:31 PM on December 28, 2009 [1 favorite]

Ham salad, ftw. If you have a meat grinder, grind it up, mix with mayo and pickle relish. You can use a food processor, but that leaves you with too fine a grind IMHO.
posted by plinth at 12:32 PM on December 28, 2009

Ham and egg spaghetti?
posted by cheapskatebay at 12:35 PM on December 28, 2009

Split pea soup.

mmmm...pea soup...
posted by schrodycat at 12:37 PM on December 28, 2009

Mac & cheese FTW.
posted by desuetude at 12:38 PM on December 28, 2009

*smacks head* I didn't even remember quiche or frittata! I've got the ingredients for the gnocchi, too. Oooh, choices!
posted by onhazier at 12:41 PM on December 28, 2009

Put it in Shoyu Ramen (Chashu Ramen)...that's what I'm doing with the final bits of ours tonight.
posted by vito90 at 12:44 PM on December 28, 2009

Now is a great time to introduce the kids to croque monsieurs or monte cristos.
posted by knile at 12:54 PM on December 28, 2009

another vote for mac n cheese and ham! I loved it as a kid!
posted by lucy.jakobs at 12:54 PM on December 28, 2009

And as I hit Post Comment, I saw the title. They're not your average ham sandwiches, though!
posted by knile at 12:54 PM on December 28, 2009

Ham balls?
posted by Thorzdad at 1:10 PM on December 28, 2009

I'm familiar with both sandwiches suggested by knile. They're too heavy for my sandwich tastes.

I wish mac and cheese were an option. It is definitely easy and kid-friendly. Unfortunately, the youngest is definitely not mac and cheese friendly. I rarely make it any more.

DH is voting for the gnocchi. It sounds tasty and interesting enough to do the trick tonight. Since I made a beef tokany last night, soup's out for tonight.

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. Feel free to continue posting them for anyone else who searches for left-over ham recipes.
posted by onhazier at 1:13 PM on December 28, 2009

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