Date night between Tewkesbury and Putney
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I'm looking at a bunch of places that look like really nice options for a quiet and dimly lit dinner, but I don't know how comfortable they are with two dudes being romantically inclined in their company. It's not an easy thing to telephone up and ask. Do you have any suggestions?

I've met a really nice guy while on a long work trip in the UK. We've hit it off. I leave the country Monday night, so Sunday is our last day together for probably a long time. We don't want to be sad about that yet, and tomorrow we'll have all day for a leisurely drive from Gloucestershire back to London. His place is in Putney, and I don't really want to go into central London for this. Instead, I'd like to surprise him with a stop for a lunch or early dinner or ??? at one of the many wonderful inns and pubs between these two general points. There are a couple places I already know and love, but I get the impression that I'd be uncomfortable holding this dude's hand, or kissing him, or generally swanning over him in front of the company. I'm an activist and all, but this isn't the time for that. I want my focus elsewhere. Any suggestions? Bonus points for places with genuine vegetarian/vegan options. Thanks much!
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Best answer: Well, my family live in Gloucestershire and it turns out I am visiting today and this has been a topic of conversation, so thanks for that! Recommendations:

The Old Swan
The Lamb Inn
The Kingham Plough
The Swan
The Maytime Inn

Book ahead. You shouldn't have any problems with the cuddling, it's 2019 (even in the Cotswolds). We all wish you a good time!
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Best answer: I went to the Swan in Broadway from einekleine’s list above a couple of weeks ago - we were a party of four vegetarians/vegans and we all had a great meal. I had the (vegan) Moroccan cauliflower tart off the Mains section and it was fantastic.
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Response by poster: The Swan it was! Thanks, you two.
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