How can I found out about remix contests?
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Does a "remix contest" blog exist? Are there any music production type websites that keep up with this stuff?

I like to try my hand at remixing music in order to develop my production stylings but Googling "remix.contest" doesn't seem to cut it anymore. It would be nice if it wasn't one of those awful Acid loops only type deals. Pretty much anything that gives you a starter kit of source WAVs and some vague theme would be capital, thanks!
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Well, if you're on a Mac there's always GarageBand

I've played with it and it's really easy to work with, and I know some musicians that seem to really like it.

You can hear a couple of the examples of what I put together with it here.
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I'm running one right now to re-mix The IT Crowd theme.
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Response by poster: I've got software, Im just looking for the contests that don't force you into using their product. Ive done a few, and don't even send the track in sometimes but it is fun.
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Not exactly vanilla remixes, per se, but Get Your Bootleg On has some great mash-up challenges. The current one is the arctic monkeys.
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ditto with gybo.
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Believe it or not, there's a remix contest happening fairly soon. It's just a remix of a hip-hop joint (you get the acappella and make your own beat), but the prize (distribution on the group's 12", iPod nano, etc) is pretty good.

Email me if you want any more info on that.
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CC Mixter frequently holds remix contests. In fact, they're having one right now
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I think there's a crying need for a Techno remix of an entire BeeGee's album. I would totally pay real green money for that. Just a little dream of mine . . . .sorry for derail.
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Akanda is running a Coldcut remix contest.
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One of the biggest sites that host remix contest on a regular basis is acidplanet, which is basically the front door for Sony's Acid music production software.

Another site that I heard of is SongFight which does weekly and monthly remix and mash-up stuff.
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