Did the Tories support Labour's budgets before 2010?
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I'm sure I've heard somewhere that the Conservative Party either didn't oppose or voted in favour of all of Labour's budgets when Labour were in office before the financial crash, but my Google fu isn't strong enough to find very specific evidence of this. To save me from trawling through Hansard for the next few weeks, can anyone direct me to any articles that show this?
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In principle you can find out at https://www.publicwhip.org.uk.

Click on Divisions in the top right menu - then use the left-most drop-down list to select the period that you're interested in (e.g. 2005-2010), then Commons Only and Conservative Party in the other two drop-downs. So then you have a list of how the tories voted in every division in that parliament. Click through the name of each division for the details.

I guess there are two problems. First, to identify all and only "Labour's budgets" in the list of divisions. Lots of divisions are called Budget Resolution or similar, but nowhere near enough to represent every time a budget was voted on. Maybe someone with better knowledge could identify the relevant divisions.

Second, even on quite a small sample I think the answer looks like "sometimes yes, sometimes no" - and the hard part will be to find the pattern or the exceptions.

There's also a possible meta-answer, which would be to challenge the premise on which someone might allege a connection between "Labour's budgets" and "the financial crash", but that's a whole different conversation.
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It would make sense considering they both (Labour being pre-Corbyn) embraced the same neoliberal principles at the time. Maybe check voting records in the HoC?
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Are you thinking of this?

Tories 'to match Labour spending'
A Conservative government would match Labour's projected public spending totals for the next three years, shadow chancellor George Osborne has said.
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