Winter boot suggestions
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I'm wanting to get my grandma some really nice winter boots. Her requirements are that they're waterproof and really easy to get on and off.

She'd be using them several times a day to take her dogs out. I saw some Ugg boots that are made to be waterproof, but I don't have any experience with them so don't know if they're worth it. Or if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear those too!
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Those two things are why an apparent 90% of Vancouver wears Blundstones.
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Keep in mind that Blunnies are 'leather boot' waterproof, not 'water proof' waterproof.
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Best answer: If you're looking for something warm and waterproof to wear outside, reasonably easy to pop on and off, but with only vague concessions to fashion, try Dryshod or Muck Boot.
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Best answer: Get ones with a zip on the side. Anything you have to pull on and off may require a grip strength an older person might not have and laces are a pain & also hard for arthritic fingers. You may want to add a toggle to the zip if she has issues with her hands. Also avoid anything too heavy. I say all these things as an older person that had a struggle finding good winter boots. I can't find the ones I currently love on sale anywhere as I got them through Costco but the following seem to have the major features I look for.

I have not used this brand, but something like this would be good a good style to consider. Zip, tag to aid putting it on and off & light weight & warm, also ankle support for added stability.
Uggs now a days tend to be style over function, with no support or traction. These Sorrel ones have a look of uggs, but also support & function, also apparently really comfortable.

Googling zip winter boot on zappos brings up a range of styles & price points, make sure to check out the reviews for an idea of the traction on them.
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What you get her is going to depend on the climate where she lives. I'm a grandmother, not your grandmother. Winter boots where I live now don't require much lining. If I moved back to upstate NY I'd want really warm lined boots with superior gripping ability for walking in snowy or icy conditions. If you tell us where she lives we might be able to help you better.
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A shoe horn could help enormously with putting boots on. There are also devices to help get boots off.
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Response by poster: Good point on her location being relevant! She lives in Northern Indiana, so wading through snow and ice is definitely going to happen off and on through the winter.
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Perhaps Bogs. They’ve got built in handles.
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LL Beans Duck Boots are warm, supportive, and grippy, and you can get a zipper insert to replace the laces (might be a cobbler job).

I wouldn’t try to do all the choosing - I’d make a short list without the prices and ask my person what looked good to them.
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Not Bogs, they are super slippy on ice.

I prefer pull laces instead of zippers because they are easier to get nice a snug around the ankle.

My mum had a pair of these that she found easy to deal with.

Here's a site that rates boots by traction There aren't a lot listed yet, but gives you some ideas

These Sperrys are well rated, and slip on
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I _love_ my Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTXs. I am a guy, but they make them in women's. They are Gore-Tex, so absolutely waterproof, and the tongue opens halfway down the shoe due to lace hooks on the upper half. If I'm heading out quick and don't need ankle support on muddy trails, I don't fully lace and just tie using the first pair of lace hooks. These boots are bombproof, waterproof, warm in winter, and breathable in summer. I've run them through swamp-like mud after heavy rains, feet of powder, nasty slush on urban roads, and icy driveways as I deal with the lovely freeze-thaw cycle in my neck of the woods. Highly recommended if tying isn't an issue for older hands.
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I got a pair of these Keen Hoodoo III winter boots for Canadian winter and am quite happy with them - they zip up the side and are pretty grippy. Also waterproof.
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I have a similar pair of Salomons (not sure if it's that exact model, but they look similar), and I'm woman. They are very solid, but I think it would be too hard for a pair of old hands to lace them up securely. I have to pull very hard on the laces to get them tight because of the bulk of the shoe, and then pulling them around the lace hooks might be cumbersome for older hands and eyes. They're also heavy, bulky boots, so require a bit of a tug to get off.
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I’ve been happy with these from Lands’ End. They have a zipper, so they’re easy to get on and off, but also have laces to get a good fit. Waterproof and not wildly expensive (and on sale now).
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LL Bean makes snow-pacs (the name of that kind of insulated, rubber-bottom, leather-upper winter boot, which I think they invented) with zippers. LL Bean is not the cheapest option, but their quality is unsurpassed, and their guarantee is famous. You can't go wrong there.
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These Sorel Emelie boots are my favorite shoes. Really durable, comfortable, easy on/off and good in rainy weather.
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(I would not describe my Blundstones as “easy off”.)
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