Fun newsletters to read?
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I would like to read some more email newsletters (whether from Substack or somewhere else). Currently I subscribe to Nicole Cliffe and Anne Helen Peterson's newsletters, but I would like to read some different things and perspectives.

Ideally, I would like to read more by other women and people of color that are fun to read, and pop-culture focused. Something like Jamelle Bouie's newsletter would fit the bill.
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Maybe Samantha Irby?
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Two bossy dames seems like it would fit the bill.
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MeFi's own Jessamyn West has one
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Paula Forbes writes about food, primarily cookbooks.

I don't know how to describe The Main Event by stacey-marie ishmael, except to say that I like it.

If you enjoy Anne Helen Peterson's newsletter, you'll probably enjoy Men Yell At Me

Andrea Grimes writes about feminist issues, with a Texas bent.
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Laura Olin's newsletter might be up your alley.
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Daniel Mallory Ortberg does an email newsletter called The Shatner Chatner. A lot about transmasculine topics, or pop culture. Like this amazing description of Untitled Goose Game.
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I enjoy the Sunday Soother by Catherine Andrews. She describes it as "a newsletter about modern spirituality and useful tips for creating more meaning in your life" but it's usually a brief personal essay with some links to great stories. Sort of a shorter version of Anne Helen Peterson's.

Ann Friedman from Call Your Girlfriend has a great one too.
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I like Darcie Wilder's "Sentences." It's a weekly list of out-of-context sentences from around the web that Darcie finds amusing. You might find them amusing too, or at least intriguing enough to click through to see the context!
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R. Eric Thomas for funny perspectives on pop culture and politics (he is a gay Black man)
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The Rec Center is a fanfic focused weekly newsletter. I recommend it if you have any interest in fandom and fandom culture, as they share a lot of fun links in addition to fanfic recs.
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I love Salty! It is sex positive and very inclusive and has awesome articles.
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Thank you! Of all the ones suggested, I really like the tone and format of the Ann Friedman one the best, along with the R. Eric Thomas one.

I was wondering if there are any good Asian American ones out there? Bonus points if their focus isn't all on media representation.
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