I need legal help with my taxes in NY.
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A few years ago I owned a business. As part of the business dissolution, I received a relatively hefty sum in personal goodwill separate from the sale of the business assets and customer list. Unfortunately, at the end of the business sale process my life took a real turn and I never got everything handled with the IRS. I need to know who to talk to and in what order.


I don't have a relationship any longer with my old accountant, which ended somewhat acrimoniously. The business records are nebulous at best, but both the business and I owe taxes for that final year. There's probably been hefty interest added to both, and so I need to get it sorted out to avoid the IRS coming after me legally. They haven't as of yet, but I've also changed addresses and the corporation never got formally dissolved. I have paid taxes every year except for the one missing year. So, who do I talk to and in what order, and what needs to be done to get me free and clear? In particular, do you have recommendations specifically for NY state? I'm proximate to the city but live in the Hudson Valley.
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The MeFi Wiki Get a Lawyer page has information related to how to find an attorney for legal advice about how to handle this, that would be tailored to your specific situation and the applicable laws, which is not available from AskMe.

In NY, the NYC Bar offers a Legal Referral Service, which includes a referral to "a screened and qualified lawyer or the right resource. Initial consultations are $35 or free, depending on the type of case, and last up to 30 minutes." The NY State Bar Association also offers a Lawyer Referral Service, which can include a referral to an attorney for "a half-hour consultation for $35."
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