Wherefore art thou pawpaws?
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I would like to acquire some pawpaw fruit in time for Thanksgiving. Is this possible?

I've been living in the PNW for a long time, and I've missed pawpaw season every time I go back home to West Virginia. I'd like to get my hands on a few while I'm home for Thanksgiving. Is this possible? I'm willing to travel an hour or so around Charleston, WV, buy online and ship, meet strangers off of the internet, I just don't know where to look, or if it's possible since the season is just now over.
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Have you checked your local farmer's market? I see them consistently here in Eugene, OR.
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My cousin sells his grass fed meats at the Clarksburg farmers market, about two hours north of Charleston, and I bet you’d find them there in season. However the market only goes through October. Memail me if you want my cousin's vendor info, as he can probably help you find someone who will have them and can arrange the hookup.
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You can mail order frozen pawpaw puree.
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I had the great fortune to get some last-of-the-season paw paw fruit just about a month ago from a farm stand in Ohio (it's the state fruit!). You'll have to get some frozen.
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