A decent sectional couch for under $1500?
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I am looking for a decent sectional couch for under $1500, but I have many conditions and it is making things complicated. The biggest issue is that the longest part must be <110'', and I have cats so I need a slipcover to fit it.

This will be the first new piece of furniture I have ever bought. I see that couches seem to be $5000, and it is considered an investment, but I just don't have the money right now. Is it possible to get a couch that satisfies all of these conditions?
  • Ideally under $1000, but I am getting the impression that I might have to go up to $1500.
  • Less than 110'' long, ideally with the corner bit on the right side
  • Can be covered by a slipcover, because cats. My thought is that I take the slipcover off when guests are over, so it's OK if the slipcover is the not-perfect-fit kind that's just held over the couch with elastic.
  • The "normal" cover is machine washable, because cats.
  • 38'' or more in depth.
  • The back cushions are the rectangle-shaped kind, not a bunch of pillows.
  • A sleeper, if sleepers are comfortable but forget it if it's not.
  • Storage space inside, if possible (I'll take storage over sleeper if I can't have both).
I've looked through Ikea, but there are a lot of options. Is Ikea any good for this? Are there Ikea sofas you like? Or are there other brands worth checking out? I read in the previous questions that Macy's is recommended, but they (and Ikea) all seem to be too big.
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So I have a version of this sectional which has held up very well for over 4 years now with dogs CONSTANTLY using it as their playground. You can get it so the long end is on whichever side you want it on. The covers are machine washable which is SO SO nice. I'm sure there is a generic slipcover that will work. We just use sheets (yup, we're that family now).

I could be wrong, but I'm under the impression that you cannot get a sleeper sectional.
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We've had 3 Ikea Ektorp sofas for several years and they've held up fine. They come in pieces for assembly, they have slipcovers. The back pillows get a bit saggy sometimes but they're easily fluffed up and they've held their shape overall.

They used to have a sleeper model with storage but it doesn't seem like they have it any longer. They're just sofas these days.

We don't have cats but we have a curly haired dog and the covers wash fine.
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I've found IKEA couches to be uncomfortable, so it might be worth visiting a store in person if that's possible for you.

Keep in mind sleeper sofas are SO HEAVY, omg. I have no idea if whitetigereyes is right about them not being available as sleeper sofas, but since sectionals are big to begin with you should really think about whether you want to own a huge heavy sofa that is hard to move. I actually left a very nice sleeper sofa behind in a move once because it was just not worth the effort (and that was a very expensive sofa!).
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The Ikea KIVIK might fit the bill. We have similar constraints - cats, low budget, and this is an upstairs couch for us that we had to get around a tight turn, so we really needed a sectional. We don't bother with a slipcover but it looks like they make them. IKEA's web page for the product gives the size as 37 3/8 inches by 110 1/4, which is just barely outside your constraints. I've known people who have had the EKTORP and they are not comfortable. You want to spend more than that, but the KIVIK is still under $1000.

We also had a couch from Macy's that was okay but my partner couldn't stand it and we gave it away to some people from Craigslist.
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I got an IKEA Friheten sectional sleeper on the basis of a few Asks, mostly this one and this one.

However, I only got it last week so I don't have a long-term use review. Putting it together's fairly fresh in my mind, though. Not difficult if you're comfortable with putting together IKEA stuff, but it did take over an hour. You can decide which side the chaise longue part goes on, though if you change your mind it's not going to be a fast swap from one side to the other. I bought it as a guest room sleeper and not as primary seating.

If it's your first new furniture purchase, make the most of it and spend a few weekends doing test-sits on furniture store sofas (even the expensive places that are out of your budget, because you want to see what they're charging for). Bring a book or something and be ready to hang out for a while instead of just perching briefly. You can get a really good, well-made couch for well under $2k for non-IKEA stuff. In the sub-$1k range, IKEA is probably better quality for the price than most furniture stores can do.

I like the Lovesac sectionals in that they're extremely flexible and can meet pretty much all your criteria somehow, but they do get pricey once you start adding up all the parts you'd want. Their stuff has held up well for me in the past, and even had decent resale value.

Wirecutter has a pretty decent sofa buying guide with general advice on sofas (how do they work?). See also. Online ordering is also a thing (Wirecutter again) but I haven't tried it.
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I don't have the sectional linked above but I do have the Radley sofa & chairs from Macy's. They have held up very, very well and I have filthy, ACTIVE children and pets. Back and seat cushion covers are removable and I have washed them on cold in my machine with no bad effects.
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About 4 years ago I bought a Jonathan Louis sectional from an independent furniture store for around $1200. Configurable and easily moveable pieces, made to order in their LA factory with your choice of fabric. We picked a light gray microfiber and it is magic fabric -- has held up to repeated cat vomit. I spray some Nature's Miracle, scrub a little with a paper towel, and the stain just disappears. The sofa looks almost pristine except for the back parts that have been used as a scratching post -- it's not THAT magical, but definitely for stain and pet hair resistance I'd give their microfiber an A+.

We picked it initially because it had a tightback (no back cushions) and high arms (equal height to back). I loooove not having removable cushions that sag down. I can actually set things on the back of the couch and they'll stay put.

I just measured mine for you: 3 piece sectional (chaise + middle + endcap), 108" across, 36" depth (just a smidge under your requirement). Looking at their website, I believe it's the Belaire style. Neither a sleeper or an extra-storage style, though.
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We bought a custom sized sectional from Home Reserve a few years back. You have to assemble it yourself (not that hard I thought) and the seats have storage below and the fabric on the outside comes off for cleaning, tho we have not had to test that. We spent about a grand on something we could only find for close to three grand anywhere else.
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