Terrific pull-out sleeper sofa suggestions, please?
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I've been tasked with investigating pull-out sleeper sofas, which I know nothing about. If you own one and love it--if you have been a visitor in a place with a comfortable sofa bed--please give me specific style and/or brand recommendations.

Overnight guests are infrequent, and I could really use the floor space in the guest room, so I'm looking for something that could be a cozy place to read (for daily use) and a comfortable (occasional; not back-spasm-inducing) place for a guest. Futons are out.

What helpful features should I be looking for? Reasonable price range? Assume I know nothing about this type of furniture. (Also, although futons are out, is there something else I should be thinking about? I do have an inflatable air mattress, but this works best for kids. I'm looking for something suitable for adults beginning to notice their muscles when they roll out of bed in the morning.)

Thanks, all.
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As I learned here on AskMe a few years ago, American Leather is the very best sofabed. Period.

I promptly went out and bought one, and I now join the chorus saying that American Leather is the very best sofabed. Period.

Fun fact: They have an extensive selection of fabrics, despite their name.

Another fun fact: At least some of their models have a remarkably small footprint for the bed size. As in, we were able to fit a queen-size sofabed into the space formerly occupied by a full-size sofabed from IKEA.
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I just gave up my Friheten from IKEA. I had it for 3 years, and for the last one used it as my always-bed. It is Queen size, and I found the section where you can put your feet up to be very comfortable for reading.

I gave it up because I am moving overseas soon, and I can just buy it again if I miss it. (Waiting to get a house first so we can figure out the furniture we need).
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I came in to recommend the Friheten also. I've slept on it for several nights and it's very comfy for lounging as well. Plus, it's practically effortless to pull out.
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I agree about American Leather. It's the very best sofabed we've ever owned, and rivals our traditional bed in comfort. Guests are always amazed.

Ours is covered in fabric, and it's very long lasting fabric, with an insanely comfortable mattress.
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We have this Ikea day bed in our guest room and love it. It can be pulled out into a double bed. The price is $300. My mother-in-law, who just turned 75, finds it to be very comfortable. Personally, I love surrounding myself in pillows and reading on it, and it is perfect for a cat nap!
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Thirding a Friheten. I am sitting on one as I write this. Have willingly slept on it and find it very comfortable; I'm in my mid-30s and definitely feel it if I sleep on a bad mattress. I think it's comfortable because it's all foam, no weird janky springs like my parents' eighties pull-out sofa. It's very easy to pull out, too. Plus the chaise part lifts up for tons of storage. I don't know if you have space for a (smallish) L-shaped sofa in the guest room, is the only possible problem.
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Flemming Busk's regrettably named "Twilight Sleeper" is the best convertible sofa I've experienced. Available from Softline or DWR, or secondhand. People list them high, then drop price when their move or downsizing is imminent. I paid $75 for mine, from original owner.

Regardless of space, I strongly prefer to put bedding out of sight when I get up in the morning. This piece works perfectly for that. At night, if sleeping alone, I usually pull it out from wall (casters make this one-handed easy), move bolster to away position (that's a two-handed task), and flip the top/removable mattress. When I want a firmer surface, I put the thick piece elsewhere and make up the cot-spring-supported base.

Learning how to move the bolster takes a bit of patience. The pieces don't attach to each other when made up for two, so it might not be suited for extended circus-style intimate interactions by USonians unaccustomed to dual-mattress practices. On the other hand, it's ideal for hosting pairs who prefer separate sleeping surfaces, because these can be used far apart in same room or in different rooms. Apartment Therapy is critical of its comfort as a sofa because of low back and armless style, but I have not found that to be an issue.

I particularly like the small footprint relative to the generous sleeping surface.

Middle-aged adult with old sports injuries, well into the age of noticing all kinds of ailments upon rolling out of bed.
Too damn cranky and achy and chemical-sensitive for IKEA.
Have chosen to wild camp in rain without tent over offer of spending night indoors on FRIHETEN. A+++ would wild camp again.

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My pull out couch was not comfortable until I added a foam topper to it.

It is a very comfortable sleep now, and the topper folds up into the couch with the bed
without any problems.

Just something to consider.
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I don't have a brand name but my aunt got a wonderful sofa bed from Macy's. All I know of its brand is that she bought the "top of the line", but seriously I could sleep on that thing for six months straight and never be uncomfortable. Iirc it was around $2K (this is someone who is not on a budget).
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American Leather mechanism is the best. We have one from Room and Board and it is very comfortable. Their Day and Night sleepers are the ones with the American Leather mechanism.
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No recommendation, just a note to consider the weight. I am the temporary keeper of a sleeper-sofa that is so heavy it took 4 people to get it into the living room and it was all I could to to move it a few inches when I wanted to rearrange furniture. I would warn you against the specific brand, but I can't possibly maneuver it into position to check for a label.
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I just want to add to the Friheten love. So easy to pull in and out, super comfy. LOVE.
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I've recommended American Leather here before, so nthing that choice. I'd also mention that we have ours in our office; like DrGail's, it's a queen size bed, but has a small footprint, perfect for the room. Plus, we hang out on it all the time -- very comfy, well-built couch.
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