Travelling from UK to Guernsey but don't have photo ID. Are we stuck?
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On Monday I am flying with a friend to Guernsey from Southampton on Aurigny Air. After I got the boarding passes, my friend told me they don't have any photo ID, which the airline apparently requires.

I don't see why the airline needs photo ID because we are still within the UK -- after all, I just flew from London to Glasgow without showing anything except my boarding pass.

My friend called the airline and they were told that they do need to have ID, so it seems too risky just to turn up and hope.

Do we have any other options other than me going on holiday alone? Would my friend be OK on a ferry to Guernsey instead? Should I try to reschedule the flight, ferry, and hotel rental so my friend can get their photographic ID?

If anyone has any experience with this situation, I'd appreciate some advice. We are both really bummed out because this was to be a restorative trip for both of us.
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Guernsey is not part of the UK (although it is in the Common Travel Area); this Visit Guernsey page states that although you don't need a passport you do need photo ID, and that applies for arriving by ferry too.

Rescheduling might be your best bet and getting a quickie passport or Provisional Driving License.
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And through that link you included, they could get a Citizencard in 1-2 days (or 24 hours in London) if they do an urgent application - so you could be there by Wednesday potentially.
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As noted above, Guernsey is not part of the UK or the EU, so be aware that you also probably won't be able to use your phone without roaming charges. Ask me how I know.
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In case this is helpful (mods please delete if needed) - it is possible that your friend could use a form of photographic ID which is not listed - for instance a work ID with a photograph. (Sometimes company IDs have "ring this number to confirm person's identity" which might help.) I have used a company ID card with photograph on a UK flight, though not to the Channel Islands.
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Response by poster: Here's an update: We moved the trip back a few days so my pal could get his photographic ID sorted out. He never had to show it on the way to Guernsey, but he was asked for it at the airport on the way back. So I'm glad we erred on the side of caution.
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