Women-only spaces in the Twin Cities
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I'm looking for women-only spaces, venues, events, gatherings, and more in the Twin Cities. Anything and everything goes.

I went to an event at The Coven last night, a women-only coworking space, and the space, the energy, the company, all of it was amazing. I want more of that.

So far I'm aware of:

The Coven and Modernwell
Women's Drum Center
Minnesota RollerGirls

Physical spaces, hobby groups, Meetups, gyms, fitness classes, support groups, spectator sports, – if it exists anywhere in the TC and either caters strictly to women and/or supports women doing awesome things together, I'd like to know about it. What else is out there? Google is mostly turning up events about the future of coworking spaces being female and not much else at the moment.

Thank you!
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Women's Woodshop is in South Minneapolis and has classes in wood craft. A number of friends have been and love it.
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As a note, Minnesota Roller Girls recently changed their names to Minnesota Roller Derby in recognition of their nonbinary members.

Solcana fitness has women trans-femme specific classes, but the entire gym is feminist and socially minded (a number of my friends do strength training there). If you're interested in comics at all, there's at least two women/trans-femme groups that talk about comics (both are kind of horrible at advertising - I say this as the person heading one of them - but they're here and here. There's also the shieldmaidens, which is women playing D&D at the source from 12 - 6pm.

Lynx games are pretty neat.
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Grease Rag - FTW bicycle group. Mostly exists as a Facebook page, and hosts regular FTW-only rides, bike mechanic clinics, and other events. Next weekend is the winter skill share!
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Oh! Also - the MNRD have a rec league that's now called the Windchill (formerly the debu-taunts) - they're having a spring info session on November 10th.
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Fitness adjacent, Midwest Mountaineering hosts a monthly women's bouldering night, as well as climbing 101 classes for women (disclaimer : I have not personally attended these yet). I will also mention, though more corporate than you might want, that I have actually taken a few of the women only classes offered through REI and found them enjoyable and supportive for an anxious, non-sports type like myself (I did a couple a couple climbing ones).
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Barley's Angels MN is a women-only craft beer enthusiast group. They meet once a month at various breweries around the metro. Usually there's a social hour, a beer-related educational presentation, and beer tasting. Their website is out of date but their Facebook group and email list are active. The group is pretty welcoming and fun in my experience, and there's often a focus on breweries owned and operated by women.
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You'll have to wait until May for the new season to begin, but I really can't say enough about Minnesota Lynx games. (If you're unaware, this is our professional women's basketball team.) Not only are the games a TOTAL BLAST, but you're supporting a group of strong, dedicated, athletic women, many of whom are POC. The first time I went, I was struck by how there's no superfluous femininity injected into the proceedings; the announcers/staff/media/video features treat the players like the absolute badass warriors that they are. Their head coach, Cheryl Reeve, is a strong and vocal advocate for women in sports, feminism, and an equitable society. I have season tickets, and in my experience, the crowd is filled with progressive, diverse, lovely people. You should check out a game next season!
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Through random map browsing yesterday, I learned there's a pole-dancing fitness studio near me. Their website explicitly states that men are not invited. (Not vouching for them, I know nothing beyond what's on their website.) May or may not meet your definition of Twin Cites, but I wouldn't be surprised if most of them have a similar policy.
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Forest Femmes Trail Running, Minneapolis chapter (Facebook link)
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Junior League?

I know, I know, that’s what I thought too, but I’ve found the league in my city to be surprisingly diverse and dedicated to empowering women in the community.
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Thank you all so much, these are great! And dinty_moore, thank you sincerely for bringing that to my attention about the roller derby.

I just remembered one more – they don't look active at the moment but I used to attend the Minneapolis chapter DDPP nights pretty regularly back in the day and it was always a blast.

And I wasn't aware until last night that ModernWell and The Coven both have tons of events happening regularly, so I'll be keeping an eye on their calendars going forward!
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It sounds a little too cutesy / woo, but http://fashionmeetspoetry.com/unveiled-beauty/ is a decent space for valuing / empowering women and their stories and truths. (My sister is a speaker, and it cracks me up to see her all dressed up in girly stuff while she talks about her normal life.)
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