Where to eat fancy, non-spicy, vegetarian near Seattle?
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My partner and I are celebrating and would like to find an extra special place to dine. Unfortunately, most of the fancier restaurants around Seattle tend to be unsuitable for a vegetarian who can't eat spicy food.

One of us eats everything and the other doesn't eat meat or anything which is at all spicy. Where can we go that we will both enjoy as a special-occasion dining experience? In the city is great, but we're also open to driving a bit, maybe even staying a night somewhere in service of making it memorable.

Some places we know and love, but which wouldn't be particularly special since we go there regularly:
• Café Flora
• Plum
• Momiji
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I went to Altura once and they made a vegetarian version of their tasting menu (with advance notice). It was really delicious!
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Farm Spirit in Portland is a drive, so it's iffy for your definition of "near" -- but for a really good celebratory dinner, maybe worth checking out? It's all vegan, none of it's spicy, you pay ahead for your reservation and enjoy the meal as it comes out to you. I went recently and it was GREAT. Super cozy spot and good food.
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I can only speak to the standard menu but Art of the Table has a veggie tasting menu. The standard menu is quite tasty.
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It's not really super fancy, but Addo does some interesting themed dinner events, and most are offered with a vegetarian option. The reservation/booking info on their site is a little awkward, but you can read a lot of great reviews about the restaurant online. We really enjoyed our experience there.
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Yep! I came to say Tilth, so I'll second brookeb.

It's a nice spot that feels both homey (since it's in an old craftsman-style house) and upscale (because of the food and the high level of service.) Food is plated decoratively without being exceptionally precious. In that way, it's perhaps one step fancier than Cafe Flora. I went twice (both for celebrations, actually) and enjoyed the tasting menu; I recall zero spicy food.

As for accommodating, they have parallel meat, vegetarian, and vegan menus. Also totally prepared for the gluten-averse. Hope you enjoy wherever you end up!
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Thirding Tilth.
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Canlis meets all your criteria, had a fancy dinner there a bit back with my vegetarian boyfriend. Nice place. Great cocktails too.
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