What was this blog post on recent developments in text summarizers?
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Within the past couple weeks I read something (a blog post, I think) describing how recent sophisticated, deep learning based text analysis methods did essentially no better than very simple algorithms. The point that stuck out was that for text summarizers, it was very hard to beat a summary consisting of the first three sentences of the document. Does this ring a bell?
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It's hard to say, but it might be this student presentation (PDF) which seems to make the same point. Of note, the conclusion says, "Significantly outperformed the abstractive state-of-the-art result."
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Not ringing a bell, but starting with https://blog.fastforwardlabs.com/2016/04/11/new-tools-to-summarize-text.html and working forward might get you to something similar.
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Mod note: One deleted. Sorry, but OP is looking for the actual blog post rather than an explanation of why this might be.
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Response by poster: Found it! Thanks for the links, they look interesting too.
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