Where did I stand for the Times Square NYE ball drop?
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I'm trying to figure out exactly where I stood for the Millennium/2000 New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square, but am having some trouble. Help?

When I was 13, I attended the Millennium New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square with my dad. I have video and photos of where we were standing, but since basically every storefront and restaurant has changed since then, I'm having trouble pinning down exactly where we were- and I'd like to know.

We were partially under one of those triangular overhangs, with a Sbarro to our left. I'm almost positive it's not the infamous Sbarro at 1606 Broadway that's closing- that seems way too far back. MTV had a very distinctive red stage with a triangular peak set up to our front right, visible in the photos and video.

In this video, we were standing here. I linked to the video start time that begins to scan directly over where we were standing, but there's lots of other possibly helpful shots throughout the video.

Here's an album full of other reference images.

With this, can we pinpoint where I stood?
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Best answer: You were near what is now the Gap and Old Navy: Google Maps
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Response by poster: Wow, how things have changed. Got it in one, thanks!
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That Gap used to be the flagship Toys R Us with indoor ferris wheel, if that rings a bell.
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