Need help solving Factory Balls A31
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I've recently become addicted to Factory Balls by Bart Bonte Studios and am stuck on a level. Any help is appreciated!

I have the Android App on my phone. I'm currently stuck on A31 - see Screenshot - and can't figure out how to get the striping worked out.

There are so many different versions of this game it's hard to google, so if anyone has experience/tips/walkthrough they can give me I'd appreciate it.
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I don't know if it's possible to hide spoiler content, so I'll try to put these in steps so you can stop once you get enough help.

I start with the most protect-able color. With belts that's the center color, so you want to start with Blue.

Then you want to form the very middle-most stripe which can be protected by the thin horizontal belt.

So the vertical belt to protect the blue, then orange. Now the part covered by the thin horizontal belt is perfect, so next step is to work on the stripe that can be covered by the thick belt.

So take off the vertical belt and put on the thin horizontal belt.

Next you need the little orange bits that can be covered by both the thick belt and the vert belt, so orange,

then leaving thin belt on, cover with vertical too and make the blue. Now all the parts covered by the thick belt should be correct, the only parts that aren't correct are the top and bottom.

So cover with thick belt, color the center (blue) and then put on vert belt too and color orange.

I just did this from memory and can't confirm on the app, but these steps should be roughly close.
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An alternate way to do it (I won't give all the steps) is to first form the vertical center strip, then cover it with the vertical belt and form the left and right hand sections.
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muddgirl - I tried going through your steps in your first reply, and didn't get it to work. Somewhere I got mixed up, maybe? Sorry. I'll try it again later but I think I'm still missing something.
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Haven't played myself, so I'm making some assumptions about gameplay that might be wrong. If so... my apologies!

Here's what I think would probably work.

-- Dip in blue
-- Put small horizontal band (SHB) on
-- Dip in orange
-- SHB off, large horizontal band (LHB) on
-- Dip in blue
-- LHB off, vertical band (VB) on
-- dip in orange
-- SHB on (I presume you can do this with the VB on, too?)
-- dip in blue
-- SHB off, LHB on
-- dip in orange
-- LHB off, VB off.

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The flash game "Factory Balls 3" Level 29 is the same pattern with different colors, if you want to find a video walkthrough. You will need to mentally exchange the orange in your pattern for blue, and the blue in your pattern for the paint scraper. Here it one method in just plain steps, no explanation. I checked it against level 29 and it appears right.

1. blue,
2. vertical belt on,
3. orange,
4. vert off,
5. thin on,
6. orange,
7. vert on,
8. blue,
9. vert off,
10. thin off,
11. thick on,
12. blue,
13. vert on,
14. orange,
15. vert off,
16. thick off.
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And yes, cgs06's way also works.
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YAY! Thanks muddgirl! Your method solved it. I tried cgs06's version and it was missing a piece, but it was 90% there.

Appreciate the help, I'll study your process to make sure I understand it when I encounter similar pattern later.
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