Can Google Forms dynamically change information displayed based on input
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I would like to have Google Forms display a page that computes the output based on responses in earlier sections.

I am trying to create a wedding RSVP/accommodation Google Form. For the accommodations I would like to have Google Forms calculate at the end the total payment that should be sent in. The total payment depends on a number of factors and can be calculated from respondent inputs in other sections of the Google Form.

For example the payment would be dependent on the number of adults, number of children, number of nights of stay, number of cots required, etc. I would like to calculate and display the total that the respondents should send a check in for.

Is this possible to do in Google Forms? I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this.

Are there easy to use alternatives to Google Forms that can do this? I need to get the questionnaire up ASAP.
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That's piping! I just looked this up for a form which would have needed piping. You need to do a script and if you know javascript, Google Forms has scripting built in that makes it fairly possible if you are comfortable having multiple sections. I wrote a script to read some information from one spreadsheet against another for a data check, and it was very straightforward, and there's a lot of info.

Otherwise, get yourself a surveymonkey account and just set that up super fast. They probably already have a template that includes something similar. Surveymonkey has built-in piping on most of their accounts, they're the most widely used and accessible online forms and overall the cheapest. Even if you only use it for a month, the cost of their Personal Advantage account is about US$45? (I can only see it in my currency) which enables piping, and it will save you all the programming time and do everything you need super fast.
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I think Typeform should be able to do this. Their product is basically a more beautiful and input-dependent Google Forms.
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