Little Treats
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I'm wondering if there is any kind of directory for Portland, Oregon that lists places where people can go for desserts, music, little revues or performances and things like that. I;m sure these things are spread out all over town. Stuff that aren't the full commitment of dinner or the theater but are still a good time and listed in one place.
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Well, here is a place to start, maybe . . . PDX Pipeline
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The alternative newspapers Willamette Week and Portland Mercury.
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I don't know of a guide that specifically focus on the bijou, but you'll certainly find those things in the Willamette Week's Finder, commingled with the rest of what's good by their lights. It's a starting point, but some champion things are left out, and the landscape is ever-changing. Eater PDX attempts to stay abreast of the food scene, large and small.

Are you planning a trip? Practically speaking, you're probably better off just asking Portland Mefites to tell you about their fave patisseries, jam sessions, fire-eating aerial burlesques, or whatever.
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