Where to visit in Jardines del Pedregal?
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Can anyone recommend specific address/streets/intersections to visit in Jardines del Pedregal (México City)?
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Though lot of the modernist architecture in that neighborhood has been demolished and replaced with more recent structures, there are some surviving examples. I think Luis Barragán's Casa Prieto-López (now called Casa Pedregal) is probably the best known since it was recently restored and is open to the public if you arrange a visit in advance. Here's a gallery of more photos.

You can email the owners of the house at the address on this page. The house is part of a complex called Tetetlán that includes a restaurant, market, and other stuff.

As far as walking around that neighborhood, you'll find it difficult to see much of interest from the street. Architectural attractions are for the most part hidden from view behind walls, gates, and tall hedges.
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The Parroquia Santa Cruz is on Boulevard de La Luz and is very striking on a road otherwise characterized by high walls, as per theory. Location. Also worth noting that a lot of Pedregal is made of gated communities (“privadas”), so you may have to talk your way past security guards to even gain access to many of the roads.
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