Recommendations for a mouse for MacBook Pro?
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I'm learning to work in 3D graphics software, and my current mouse requires a lot of pressure for the middle click, which I am using constantly. The wire is a bit cumbersome, as well, but I can live with that. Can you recommend a solid mouse that requires only a light click pressure?

Somewhat relevant: I have smallish hands and tend to use a palm grip.
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I use a kid mouse because I'm a woman with average woman-sized hands.

Honestly, this is so personal and actually so important I would go to Target or BestBuy or whatever and fondle and click the goods.
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I don't have a specific recommendation, but in my experience I've found that mice with knurled mousewheels (like this one for example) are much easier to middle-click with.

(There are a ton of cheap gamer mice out there. It's really a matter of finding one in the shape you want with a minimal amount of flashy gamer shit.)

for MacBook Pro

Is there a modifier key you can use instead with your 3D software? Macs traditionally don't really use middle-click -- like if you aren't using a mouse, it isn't really plausible to middle-click with the trackpad.

Or if the mouse you're using has thumb buttons, you could just assign those to middle click using something like Steermouse (shareware, $20, definitively fixes the stupid scrollwheel behavior of MacOS as a bonus).
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I have small hands, and I really like the way this Logitech feels. I don't have a strong grip by any means, and I have no trouble with the click of the left and right buttons (really not sure if you need a middle button - I don't have experience with those). I prefer to not deal with batteries or charging, so I use a corded mouse. This mouse does have 2 buttons by the thumb, but I've never used those. The shape of the mouse is very comfortable and feels natural. And it works great with my Mac.

If you want a really small mouse, you can look into compact/portable mice. These are ambidextrous, and will have few extra features.

This looks like a wireless version of the mouse I have.
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It's a lateral suggestion, but I frequently use 3d and 2d design programs that orbit or pan with the middle button, and the game-changer tip is: map the middle button to a thumb button. It lets you use a wide variety of mice and is a much more ergo solution than a middle press-and-hold because you can move the whole mouse with your hand.

I use a Logitech M570 right now with the 'forward' button mapped to middle, but anything with programmable buttons is great.
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The thumb buttons on my current mouse are even worse, if you can believe it. I end up squeezing everything in an effort to get a click.

Remapping sounds like the perfect solution, and the Logitech M570 solves 3 problems for me, so I'm going that direction.

Thanks for all the tips!
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Came here to suggest the same thing as a halcyon day; likewise a Logitech fan, though I use an MX Master with the thumb button remapped to middle-click. (The scroll wheel clicks ok too, but I literally never use it for that, and it does require more pressure than the thumb buttons.)
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