What color eyeglasses do I want?
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I am a bi female, slightly genderqueerish. My hair is brown with strands of silver glitter; I wear it shorn fairly close to the scalp. My eyes are on the blueish side of hazel. I have rosacea, and my cheeks, in particular, are pretty freaking red. My favorite color is purple, though I also like blue, pink, and the bluer greens. Currentish pic, current glasses are blueish-gray leopart. What color frames do I want for my new glasses?
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I like the pattern on them. What about a blue-y subtle tortoiseshell?
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blue or bluey green, to bring out your eyes even more?
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I am really in love with my pale pink glasses. I have a lot of red in my skin as well, blue eyes and my hair is naturally similar in color to yours (although I'm currently sporting a strawberry blonde.) I've done bold colors before such as bright blue, purple and red and the subtlety of the light pink on my face is a nice change. Bright pink would be bolder and is trendy right now.
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my late 60s ex-hippie cousin wears glasses with red frames
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That hair -- a little more Johnny Depp / Helena Bonham Carter / Tilda Swinton, a swish of bangs and upper crown with a sweet buzz below. Maybe tipped with silver or color. Dramatic, but easy to care for as it grows out. Or you could go strong with an eye-catching dye effect.
Those glasses -- bold, beautiful. Love the strong frames. Dark with dramatic hair or striking with a more demure color. Red or deep pink/purple would be nice. Not wildly into wire frames with your current look.

The vibe is AMG is in the house -- let's get this party started!
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Emerald or jade green, either a multi like this or a solid like this or this!
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You don't want Prussian blue, which is what it turned out Zenni meant by "Navy". I don't have a ton of redness normally but that shade really brought out all of it and then some. I painted over it with this stuff though and am much happier!
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I have similar coloring, I think... I prefer the sort of coppery metal range. It might not work if under the red, you're paler than me.
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Something on the copper range of the spectrum will make your eyes looks more blue and blend with your warm skin and hair. I would avoid cool tones because they're going to make your red cheeks look redder by comparison, but a warm violet purple would look rad, I think, and not just because I also have purple glasses. The pattern is working for you, try to find a new frame in tortoiseshell or similar. If you wanted to dial it back and have the glasses be less of a statement, something like a classic brown tortoiseshell would let you be really dramatic with other accessories without the frames fighting them.
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Color theory suggests that if you are trying to suck color away from an area (red cheeks) you pick an even more intense version of that color for the frame. If trying to enhance blue-green-brown eyes, you want as complementary a color as you can get which would be red-orange. So I'd say a dappled red and orange frame or completely red-orange or red frame would be your best bets from a solely color theory standpoint.
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I think you would look cool with a cerulean blue/ black/ clear tortoise pattern and then you can add extra coolness with a blue light filter lense which is great for computer work and also gives the lenses a very slight blueish purple spark to people looking at you. Its hard to describe, almost soap bubble like.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the input! I wound up going with this frame. I love the mottled blue-green colors and the shape.
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