literature on the small cruelties of life
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I need something, a poem, a book recommendation, a song, something to help me process the casual cruelty. [cw for animal death under the cut]

Today I drove by a kitten that was in its death throes in the middle of a busy road. I got home to grab my safety vest and then picked up its body from the road, and took it to a vet's office for cremation (I don't have anywhere to bury it).

It's a horrible thing and I need time to process it. Do you have any recommendations of a passage of literature or a poem that describes this kind of small, everyday, casual tragedy, and (ideally) comes away with some emotional resolution? I know I have read things that discussed this in passing before, but not lingered on it, and I'm having trouble recalling exactly what they might be right now.

Please give me your recommendations, and send along any kind vibes if you have some to spare. Thank you.
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Philip Larkin's The Mower comes immediately to mind.

Not everyone would have had the simple decency to rescue the kitten's body. Thank you for doing the right thing.
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I've found some solace in Maggie Smith's Good Bones.
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Not sure if this has an emotional resolution that will help, but there's Traveling through the Dark by William Stafford.
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Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts is about the casual suffering we live amid.
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Can’t figure out links on my phone, but the Calvin and Hobbes raccoon story:
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this couple of poems about the respectful treatment of the deaths of a kitten and a calf with birth defects brought me some comfort on the bad circumstances of my dog's death this week. it's a hard thing to have in your mind but i'm very grateful to you and everyone i see treating animals with kindness right now.
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The Meadow Mouse, by Theodore Roethke.
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Gerald Stern’s “Behaving Like a Jew” has a very similar narrative to what you recounted.
Also, check out a web site called The New Sent(i)ence for other animal poems like this.
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