Show or book about videos left for kid from dying dad?
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I've been trying to remember this TV show or book or short story that was about videotapes left for a kid from a dying dad. I googled it and it's a bit of a trope: it's definitely not the Michael Keaton one for example. Some details I remember:
  • Some videos were marked for every year
  • Some were for different events like getting married or having a fight at school
  • One of them the dad confesses he messed around
Does anyone know what this story is? It's been bugging me. Thanks!
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Take a look on the Dead Man Writing and Video Wills TVTropes page -- see if the one you're thinking of shows up.
posted by WCityMike at 9:24 AM on September 21, 2019

There’s a This American Life episode about the Gee family, where the mother left yearly letters for her daughter.
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I remember watching this in tv in the late 80s, I think. I thought it was called Video Dad, or something along those lines, but google is also failing me. (Video Dad? VHS Dad? TV Dad?). Sorry I couldn’t help more, but now I also want to know.
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Video wills include
Brewsters Millions
Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead
Little Big League
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Encyclopedia Dad?
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Encyclopedia Dad it is! Thanks so much!!!
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