Where can I buy a variety box of bad but good American snacks?
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I'm trying to explain to my students the US/Japan snack differences and it's time for some props. Gushers. Nerds. Corn Nuts. Flaming Hot Cheetos. BBQ flavored...something. Are there any big variety boxes on the market out there that are more low rent but also ship internationally?
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I cannot speak for Japan (assuming that is where you are located) but most of the countries I've either lived in or visited there have been an importer of American basics. Usually quite pricey, but a hell of a lot cheaper than international shipping.

I would check with expat or country groups in either Reddit or Facebook.

Expats in Japan FB group

Japan country group in Reddit
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Are you close to Jinmjui or Yokosuka Chuo Stations? I could escort you on base and you can buy gross American snacks to your heart's content.
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Have you checked Costco? Foreign (ie American) stuff there is pretty affordable.
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Bulk Candy Store is like the Costco of candy. I often see them at county and state fairs with a big tent and aisles of generic and name brand stuff sold by the pound.

They do ship internationally if you pay by wire transfer.
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