Plus size kids clothing?
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My 10yo (cis-gender) daughter is on the higher end of the weight range (100lbs, 54inches tall). Ms Catalyzer and I are having a hard time finding where to buy clothes that fit her - hopefully with minimal alterations. What are your recommendations?
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Uniqlo will do free alterations if the clothes are over $20. Alterations are $5, otherwise. The clothes are like the Gap, but Japanese version. My kids get the majority of their clothes there. Good, solid basics that wear just beautifully. T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, sweaters, etc.

You can also look at Target. Their Universal Thread line has some really nice basics. The C9 leggings in the active wear section are really nice and generally under $25.

BodenUSA (they also have a teen line whose name escapes me at the moment) has nice basics that aren't too over the top. The trick is to get the stuff on sale. Pay attention to the size measurements and go from there. Lucky Brand has nice jeans that you can usually find at TJ Maxx. Once you find the style that works (I think my daughters like the Charlie ones), write down the style number and keep it with you so you can hunt them down later on.

Amazon basics are supposed to be excellent, although I've not bought them yet. Finally, Costco! They have really great leggings, fleece, sweaters! I think the trick is to look for XS womens and not kid sizes. Look for petites (since she's still short) and go from there. Costco has some surprisingly great deals and you can't beat their return policy.
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BC, if you can identify some brands you’ve tried that didn’t work it would help with answering this question.
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Perhaps Primary? The most common reason I return things to them is for being too short and roomy for my kiddo who's on the other end of the height:weight ratio (and we've consistently needed 1-2 sizes smaller than Target's Cat & Jack line, for example), and their new size 14 should squarely include her weight. They have a very solid return policy, I think 90 days and free shipping. I'd also agree that every time I look at Costco clothes, I decide that they won't work for us, and again that's good news for you. If you're not a member already, Costco will let you in for free if you tell them you're considering it and want to look around.

Having been a kid with similar measurements though, I would agree that she's on the cusp of needing small adult sizes, especially if she likes more fitted styles. I did not, and still was definitely wearing adult jeans in fifth grade. I was tall enough that the inseam lengths suited me better than they might for her, but that's where the petite section should help.
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Are you looking for girls’ plus sizes? Lands’ End has them.
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I asked a similar question not long ago. and pickings were slim. What I have done that works is:

-the young girl I help with clothing is now 13 and has *slighty* outgrown this, but when she was 10 she was a leggings and T-shirt girl all day every day. Stretchy leggings are easy to find and were comfortable for her. I think this look is still pretty ok and “in style” for a 10 year old, but I could be wrong.
-trawl the women’s section at target; she fits into jeans there now, and sometimes the 1x T-shirt’s. Obviously she still wants to wear kid things, and so we look for the juniors tshirts that are cut ok and align with her interests/style. Again, It’s slim pickings but it’s something. We do the same approach at old navy.
-I hate this but - Walmart. We’ve found that the juniors and even plus size kids clothes at Walmart are cut larger than almost anywhere else. The quality isn’t the best obviously, but she’s wearing it for a season usually. The typical suggestions just didn’t work for us (like, I know Justice goes up to “large sizes” but their large sizes were a joke)

Also just a word of encouragement - this was so stressful when she was 10 and 11, but we are finding more options now. It’s probably a bummer to hear, but based on my experience, my honest answer is I think you just have to cobble together what you can at this stage.
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My daughter is similar to your daughter. We did Uniqlo and started with xxs or xs women. LandsEnd in the older tweener/teen sizes worked, too. Target (USA version) was also another option.
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Target has a line for plus size girls and so does Old Navy.
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Lands End, Old Navy, Kohls and JC Penney, Justice, Children's Place, and Target all have specific plus or extended sizes for girls her age.
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All the places I was going to mention with girl's plus sizing have already been mentioned, but I'll also point out that stores often have limited stock in store for extended sizes, but online shopping can be very helpful in that regard.
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Hannah Andersson runs big and they have lots of fun twirly dresses and practical shorts and leggings.

I'd also recommend checking out they boys' sections for acceptable clothes if that's ok with her. For some crazy reason, girls' clothes are cut to be tighter and shorter. My daughters often like the designs in the boys sections better anyway.
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