Reports on saints in parochial school
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Do students in parochial school for elementary/middle grades have to write reports on saints? If so, which class would assign these reports?
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I did. Religion Class.
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Yes, in religion class.
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100% religion class. Assuming a Catholic school, it is almost always called Religion, but once in a old-fashioned blue moon it's Catechism*

* So says my mom the retired Catholic school teacher.
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In my high school it was called Theology.
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We definitely did in religion class (K-8 Catholic school, mid-80’s-mid 90’s.) We also did general biographies in English, and doing a biography of a historical saint (as opposed to one without enough info to fill a book) was accepted.
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Can confirm that at least in 1980s parochial school in the Bay Area, we wrote reports on saints for religion class.
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We wrote many, many of these reports in religion class but we may have done a couple in history class as well (for the saints whose existences were a part of the history we were studying). We also did religious projects in art class.
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I went to Catholic school. In grade school, at least 1st through maybe 3rd, on Nov. 1, Feast of All Saints, we had to dress as our patron (name) saint, and there was a parade in the schoolyard. Those poor Moms, having to come up with more costumes right after Halloween.
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Just a note: in my catholic school the abbreviation for the name of the class was R.K., religious knowledge
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I went to Catholic school for 15 years. Never.
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It often comes up if they do Confirmation prep as part of being in middle school (Catholic).
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