Chill Coffee Cafe for Creatives in Cozumel?
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Third cruise visit to Cozumel coming up. This time the focus is maximum chill and room for creative productivity, (as opposed to adventure, shopping, sightseeing...) Help us find a cafe with the food, the coffee, and the atmosphere to just be who we be, but in Cozumel. Requirements after the break.

My wife and I need a break and want some space to collab on a creative writing project. She found a deal on a cruise, so we're going to Cozumel. For us there are "Do" vacations, "See" vacations, and "Be" vacations. This is pretty much a "Be" vacation.

(To pre-answer the question "why a cruise if you're going to want to write?" I say that we like cruises because we don't have to think about anything. We can just "Be." We can find a spot to chill on the ship and only emerge when we want. Our ship chill plan is covered. We just need to find a spot in port.)

When we get into port we'd like to find a spot that offers:
Chill atmosphere
Room to whip out notebook/laptop to write
Good coffee
Good food (or good food nearby)
Decent mobile reception
Access to a return taxi

And it'd be nice if the place:
Was an independent, locally owned business
Was in an interesting area in case we need to stretch our legs
Had relatively safe internet
Is a hangout for local creatives and not so much for touristas (yeah, like us)

We plan to pay (and tip well) for the above. We don't want to occupy a table for most of a day without making it worth the establishment's while.

But we need to find such an establishment. Can you help?
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I spent a lot of time at Money Bar. The dining area is a huge open palapa, great for really hot days. Good food, decent coffee, good wifi plus great ocean views. It can get crowded in season, especially around dinnertime.

I also really like COZ and Pachamama for the cozy cafe vibe. Better than Money Bar if its raining or chilly.
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An anglo scuba diver thread recommended COZ Coffee Roasting Company for drip/fancy and El Coffee on Calle 3 S just off Melgar for espresso, for what that's worth.
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