Spa in NYC that isnt insanely expensive OR super sketchy?
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I'd like a massage in NYC this weekend. Can anyone recommend a decent place with somewhat reasonable prices?

I usually go to Awakening in Greenpoint, but they just raised their prices AGAIN to $150 for a 90 minute massage, so after tax and tip, it'll be almost $200. That's too much for a little splurge.

I checked a ton of other places in Brooklyn/Manhattan and they're all that much or more. Or at the other end of the spectrum, you have the places that are like 30 bucks. That makes me nervous too.

Can anyone recommend a nice, middle of the road spa where I can get a decent massage AND a tranquil environment? Nothing hectic and crowded like spa castle. Similar questions on here are a few years old, so maybe something new has opened up. thanks!
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A half hour massage at the Russian Baths in the East Village is $60. You can also get whacked with a giant bundle of oak leaves (more soothing than it sounds) for a very reasonable $40.

I've been there a number of times and, while it is very old school and not at all new age/woo spa-like, it's pretty relaxing and not in the least bit sketchy.
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Hmmm...they may not be precisely sketchy but I don't think I'd characterize them as tranquil or soothing.

I had an additional rec for you but it looks like they closed recently.
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EaseNY offers a clean, Japanese-style massage in midtown. They have an incredible $35 walk-in rate for 25 minutes (excluding tip). But re-reading your question on preview, I see that their 100-min massage is $140 (excluding tip)—which is a little longer and only $10 less than the place where you used to go. But I think tax is included, and they also have a 50-minute option for less FWIW.

There are different price scales for level of experience, but I was really pleased with my junior-level massage therapist the one time I went (Akira).

Bonus: it’s right near both Sunrise Mart and Cafe Zaiya if you’d like a tea or snack afterward.
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I go to Pure Qi in Greenpoint. 90 minutes is $100. Not the fanciest place, but I’ve never gotten a sketchy vibe and I always feel great after.
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A half hour massage at the Russian Baths in the East Village is $60.

I did this last year and it was incredibly fucking sketchy. No, I don't mean that it wasn't fancy, I mean that it was creepy and gross. Not sure of the gender of the poster above, but I am a woman, and yes, part of the sketchiness was sexual in nature. Avoid at all costs.
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Sunshine Best Body Work in Park Slope offers 90 minutes for $80 before tip. I’ve gone for the last seven or eight years and have been very happy with their Thai/Tui Na style. I will work with whomever is available and have only asked one therapist to stop as I was unhappy—the manager immediately came in and offered to have another therapist try, who was great.

It is a large room with partitioned areas, so you’ll hear as people come into the space for their massage and some quiet talking occasionally, but for the price and quality (I prefer deep massage that really feels like it puts me back together vs a soothing, relaxing experience) it’s easy for me to overlook that.
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Not really a spa environment but the best massage I've had in NYC and one of the best I've had anywhere: Joel at Moving Body Massage. Admittedly not a lot cheaper than your other cited place, but tax is included and it is a really good massage -- plus it's a one-person operation, so you're the only client in the space during your appointment and it's a chill, trustworthy vibe.
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Last time I was there (a few years ago), Juvenex was still fantastic.
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