Vegetarian-friendly good food in Berlin
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Please suggest good vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Berlin.

I will be visiting Berlin, Germany soon and am thinking about where to eat. I'm a vegetarian so want restaurants that are veggie-friendly: no meat/fish, cheese/eggs ok.

I mainly want good food and price doesn't matter much, although in my experience high-end restaurants tend to have pretty boring vegetarian food unless they serve no meat/fish.

Where would you suggest for not-boring veggie food in Berlin?
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Best answer: Which part(s) of Berlin? There's lots of veg food across the city, and I like Brammibal's (for donuts and little sandwiches) and Lück's (for more substantial fare). The Happy Cow directory is a big help for sussing out all sorts of spots, including grocers.
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Response by poster: I'm open to any part of Berlin if the food is good enough...

Thanks for the Happy Cow directory and your suggestions, that's exactly the type of resource that I need.
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Best answer: Practically all we ate in Berlin was Sahara Imbiss and I wish I were eating it now
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Best answer: Natural'Mente is very near Schloss Charlottenburg and is apparently the only macrobiotic restaurant in town. It was good. Small, with a small menu, but good.
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Best answer: I think your criteria here are actually too broad! Berlin is very vegetarian/vegan friendly and full of different restaurants and international cuisines.
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Best answer: Berlin is extremely vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Some of the highlights from when I was there years ago:

Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab. Make sure you get cheese and lemon!


Cafe Morgenrot. Collectively run cafe/bar.
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Best answer: Vöner!
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Best answer: My visit was a few years ago, but Cookies Cream was an absolutely great place to eat, despite the fact that it is so hard to locate the door!!!
The address is: Behrenstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin
The entrance is in the alley between the Opera House and the Westin Hotel.
Go straight to the alley, turn right, keep'll find the door on the left with a paper sign indicating "Cookies Cream."
Inside the building, I think you get escorted through some other bar and up some stairs until you reach Cookies Cream.
If you put the address into google maps you should see where it is within the alleys.
There are apparently some related restaurants so maybe check those out as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far.

To help narrow the criteria: how about international cuisines that are not common in the US? (If that is well defined.) For example I like the Turkish/Middle Eastern suggestion because those restaurants are not widespread in the US, so would be more fun for me than, for example, pizza.

I'm also not super into sweets and desserts.
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Best answer: +1 to Cookies Cream! Ate there 7 years ago and still remember the weird speakeasy-ish process of finding the place.
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Best answer: +1 to "Berlin is extremely vegetarian/vegan friendly", mostly through ubiquitous falafel and halloumi. The key when evaluating a falafel place is to watch that they make it fresh for each dish—if it's sitting around, avoid! My favorite falafel/halloumi spots are Sudanese places like hole-in-the-wall Tutti Island and Arab joints like Shaam and the frenetic Azzam, but that whole area from Hamy (lovely Vietnamese resto) by Hermannplatz through Sonnenallee to Shaam just past Ubahnhof Karl-Marx-Str. is an excellent wandering zone (except the construction southeast of U-bahnhof Rathaus Neukölln, circa Alfred-Scholz-Platz; just take a parallel street to avoid narrow boring scaffolded walkways).

Excellent but slightly pricey Chinese dishes, including many many veg options, at Da Jia Le. The area directly around it is slightly barren, but nearby Gleisdreieck park (best explored by bike, but walking works) and Alter St.-Matthäus Kirchhof (a graveyard with a lovely cafe) are both great.

I want to recommend specific Turkish restos like İmren, especially the trays of family-style stews and rice dishes, but fair warning: meat often lurks in what you might expect to be vegetarian. Ask, or consider bundling your food needs with some exploring at the Tuesday & Friday Turkish market on Maybachufer.

The market halls have always served me well. You'll probably hear about Markthalle 9 (and all the good things they say are true) but consider Marheineke Markthalle as well. It has many veg-friendly options, like the excellent galettes at the French place and the all-veg Kleene Aubergine.
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Best answer: Vux has great vegetarian brunches! Haeppies has some nice vegan/veggie versions of this traditional German yeast dumpling.
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Best answer: The very best brunch I have ever had was at Kopps. You might find my ask about vegan food in Berlin useful (it is a few years old, but still).
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