Your favorite vegan restaurants in Berlin
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I'm heading to Berlin soon and am excited and overwhelmed by the variety and number of vegan/vegan friendly restaurants & cafes. I've read every list of recommended vegan restaurants, but I'd really like personal recommendations. What vegan or vegan friendly restaurants, cafes, bakeries, shops are your favorites? All cuisines, all price-ranges welcome.
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I really liked Neue Liebe in Prenzlauer berg. Really cute atmosphere and great service. I tried their butternut squash soup and it was delicious
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For a fancy night out, I thought Kopps was more interesting then Lucky Leek but enjoyed both. Bistro Bardot is also really nice, especially the tapas plate for lunch.

For more day-to-day food, I liked the little cafe section of Veganz for sandwiches and baked goods, Chipps is also really good, though maybe a little expensive for what it is. Samadhi isnt' worth a special trip but is a great option if you need something good around the main tourist destinations.

Let It Be is super cute and charming, but I thought the food was only ok. I had some really great good from food truck/food stall events, but I can't remember their names.

Oh La La is definitely worth a visit if you have any interest in pastries.
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Are you familiar with Zitty Essen Gehen (German language restaurant guide)?
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Lucky Leek is pretty wonderful. Amaranth is the restaurant in the Essentis Bio hotel. Lobby joints don't usually do anything for me, but this spot was a surprise. Kopps is up high on my list, too. I couldn't afford to eat at these places very often (Berlin does high-end vegan very well).

No milk today is a good, slightly less pricey spot (more café than restaurant). Chaostheorie fits somewhere in that range.

Don't forget the vegan grocer and picnics in the park as an option, too (and there's a pretty remarkable epicenter for vegan interests).
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I know you marked as answered but, but, but...
Cookies Cream was an unique if expensive restaurant with vegan options...
Cookies Cream
Behrenstr. 55
10117 Berlin

The entrance is hidden around and through the alleys behind the Westin Hotel.
[find the alley with the Opera House on the left, the Westin on the right...
walk into the alley, make a right turn to the end and find the door and chandelier on the left]
I'm not into weird or hidden restaurants but this had great food when I went there.
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BRAMMIBALS DONUTS (not even vegan, just love donuts)
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Santa Cantina is a new upscale Mexican place that is vegan friendly.

Lots of people also like Yellow Sunshine for veggie burgers, if that's your thing.
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In case anyone come back to this. Here's my vegan eating recommendations from Berlin:
1. Fully vegan
Fast and/or junk food: Voner; Yoyo Foodworld; Choastherie
Healthier and/or fine food: Kopps; Goodies; The Bowl; Laauma; Vaust
Baked goods: Brammibals Donuts; Freckles
2. Vegan friendly (actual vegan items on menu)
Momos; Zeus Pizza; Pele Mele

I also went to a few Vietnamese and Thai restaurants that had vegan options. These were all fairly mediocre but easy to find.
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