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Looking for pics/links that if you were going through a really rough patch, would be a welcome distraction or mood lifter. I can't be the only one who keeps a collection of things like this. I've already exhausted my usual "I hope this picture of a hamster struggling to eat a piece of spaghetti brightens your day." stock, and need to replenish.

A friend of mine is going through a very difficult time. In addition to normal supportive stuff, I want to collect a bunch of things I can send them that will distract them from their situation.
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Here he comes!
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In addition to cute cat & puppy gifs & videos, I love:

Tiny Food Cooking

Steve1989MREInfo, especially when he says, "okay!" He's just so enthusiastic about old MRE's, it's contagious and interesting and relaxing all at once.

Emma at WhispersRedASMR, she is wonderful, and I love her voice.
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nyam nyam nyam
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Akin to Zamboni's contribution - there's an entire song by the Youtuber Parry Gripp called simply "Nom Nom Nom", with a video of lots of critters eating. Mostly hamsters, but there are some ducklings, fish, kittens, and dogs as well.
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Would more acerbically funny stuff work as well as cute stuff, too? If so, there are some threads here I've saved for exactly that purpose - like an AskMe about "Do cats fart?" where the answers are all exceedingly and increasingly funny variants of the answer "oh HELL yes".
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EmpressCallipygos, yes absolutely! Anything that would work as a little diversion, and ridiculous threads like "Do cats fart" great for that.
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Snow leopards are positively the goofiest of all big cats, and this video of a snow leopard assaulting a head of cabbage never fails to make me smile.

Other good snow leopard options:
Snow leopard slides down stairs
Snow leopard aggressively brushed with a broom
Snow leopard doin' a big scare
Snow leopard loses its mind over an orange ball 1
Orange ball part 2

Anyway, those always make me smile.
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This is what the reddit sub "eyebleach" is for.
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If "Do cats fart" works, then other threads I've found to be comedy gold are:

This MeTa where I point people at a comment someone made about washing a three-foot-tall My Little Pony plushie for their child, and people respond with more and more tales about the ridiculous things they've found themselves saying to or doing for their children.

This MeTa, posted in response to a now-legendary AskMe about anonymously giving a stranger a banjo as a gift. The comments are all variants on "....what the HELL?"

This FPP about a purported "advancement in condom technology" which is soundly and thoroughly mocked in the comments.

Every so often there are MeTa threads that celebrate assorted kinds of comments and some of those can be fun too, here's one such thread.
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The first and second here.
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This video makes me happy every time I see it. Dog wants a kitty.
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My Emergency Playlist:

Goats Yelling Like Humans
Part 2
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More stuff later when I get home, but for now:
Peanut and His Corn
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I'm a big fan of Cheer the Fuck Up.
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This video of a cockatoo shouting into a cup always cracks me up.
I also like this one of that same cockatoo knocking over a bunch of toy cup towers.
And, here's a bunch of funny lolcats for ya.
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Baby panda sneeze

Duck Army (way better when played on a loop) (I miss Vine)

Calming Manatee
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My favorite Adventure Time episode always makes me smile and lifts my spirits.
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/r/Zoomies is the best
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Also, everything to do with this baby vulture
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Oh - a good random google search to do is the search string "buzzfeed pure". The hits you get will all be variants of this kind of thing, which Buzzfeed apparently does on the regular.
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This is a great thread! I will add in putyouinabettermood, which aggregates the reddit r/aww subreddit. Mostly baby animals of all kinds.
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Tadashi Tokieda on Numberphile

hang in there puppet!
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My favorite diversion when faced with sadness/stress/exhaustion:
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Bizzle Gets Some Dunkers
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Guy pranks parade with horn
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Capybaras soaking in an onsen
Shoebill Stork

This Pixar comment story
Teenager Sophie Pecora Sings And Raps About Bullying
Isaac's Live Lip Dub Proposal Yup.

Neil Patrick Harris 2013 Tony Opening Number
YEEEEES. (Warning: Unfortunate shot of terrible guy in audience during the standing ovation.)
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The second doodle in particular in this piece about a guy drawing silly pictures of his greyhound fills me with joy.
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Also, back when I was working a particularly heinous project at my former job, I had this thread open in one of my tabs for several months on end. Pictures of baby bats make everything better.
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Every baby goat video from Sunflower Farm Creamery.
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Oh yeah, and this one.
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I'll bet he can't eat just one

Channing Tatum: Everybody Dance Now
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Allow me to introduce you to Mister Murderbritches.
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