Men like women's soccer too
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I'd like to get my boyfriend a German women's world cup jersey in a men's size medium or large. Does such a thing exist? I haven't been able to find it on the Adidas.
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Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no, as Adidas made the "economic" decision not to make them. And it doesn't seem that men can fit into the women's sizes either.
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Yeah, I checked and and neither one had them. Nike didn't produce all of the World Cup jerseys in men's cuts either (e.g. you could get the France away jersey in both men's and women's, but the home only in women's).
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Argh, that's very annoying!
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It may be impossible as others have noted but if there are any work-arounds you should contact Jen Cooper at I am not sure if she still runs a clothing store but when she did she specialized in this sort of thing.
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