Has anyone found a brand of ankle socks that don't slip down?
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It's not so much a problem when I wear sneakers, although it can be. It's mostly a problem when I wear leather shoes/short boots that dip below the ankle. Also, the utopian ankle socks I'm imagining would fit comfortably at the toe, to counter ingrown toenail tendencies.
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Yes - Lightfeet. I wear the Lightfeet Evolution Crew, and they do. not. move.
Designed by podiatrists and the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear. Made in Australia though, so not sure of U.S. availability (and they’re not cheap, even here).
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Bombas, but with the caveat that men's sizes run small (maybe that tightness is why they stay up?) and I have had a couple problems with uneven quality, though overall it's very good.
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In Japan, they paste them to stay. Ymmv
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What size shoes do you wear? I find with my ladies' narrow size 9 feet I have different needs for socks to stay up than someone else's men's wide size 10 feet.
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The Champion ones I got from Target always stay put for me. I have size 13/14 feet though, so if you do too, get the larger 12-15 sized ones.
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Paste them with what? Paste to the shoe or the foot? More details needed please...:)
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Running socks fit the bill with the added bonus that they're made to be non-stinky so they're great under boots. I'm partial to wool Balegas. They're pricey but as long as you hang them to dry they'll last forever.
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Try Neverquit (Note: Merino and not cheap, I wear Merino year around without issues).
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Muji right angle socks.
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Japanese knee-sock uniform wearing girls as it were... have a stick of something that's like a roll-on or gluestick that they keep in their purse and use to hold the top of their socks in place. It's totally a thing. Glue-stick used to keep socks from slipping down. That's all I know.
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Oh, just Amazon/Google "sock glue" or maybe "body adhesive".
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I've been happy with Gold Toe Women's Ultratec Crew Socks, except that I got a couple of batches of scratchy socks from Amazon, so now I order them directly from Gold Toe.
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Another option might be gekks, which are sock-like liners designed to stay in/stick to the shoe rather than the foot.
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Thanks everyone, I'm going to order a selection and compare. Will update!
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okay, so i road tested the Muji sneaker sock and the Balegas running sock, walking about 25 Manhattan blocks each time. Both worked great! No slippage at all. The balegas are more cushiony, but on the other hand they show more above the sneaker line. I think I'll use the cheaper Mujis as my everyday walking sock and save the Balegas for longer distances or more punishing terrains.
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