What is this Honda Jazz/Fit part?
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I found a part in the rear footwell of my Honda Jazz (aka Fit). Photos are here. It seems to be some kind of cover, but where did it come from?

It's a 3" piece of circular grey plastic which looks like it clips into a circular hole. On the back it says "Honda >ABS< MADE IN JAPAN TFO CTR CAP". It looks like part of the interior of the car. It isn't dirty enough to have come from outside or the wheels, and doesn't seem robust enough. Googling turns up results about wheel centre caps, but these are all present on our car, and they are a different size. There are no obvious holes where it might have come from.
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Fixed image links: here and here
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Could it be the centre cap on the spare wheel? If you have had the cargo compartment floor up, I would have a look there. See also https://www.ebay.com/itm/383098993276
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Maybe the tow hook cover. Do you have a round hole in your bumper that it fits? There should be one in the front and one in the rear.
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I'm not sure it's the center cap to a wheel, as a Honda factory cap would have the Honda logo stamped/embossed/printed on it.

Did it just show up under your car one day?

It might be a tow hook cover cap, but every example I can find online seems to show a tether as part of the cap that keeps it connected to the car. You pic doesn't show any way a tether could have been part of the piece. If you look at the right side of this pic of a Fit bumper cover, you can see the cut-out for the tow hook cover. If you look close, you can see a slot where a tether would hook into.
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Do you have a driver seat armrest? Or possibly a center console armrest?
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I used to own a Fit. Pretty sure that is a tow hook cover, as others have said. I think there is one in front and back. The hook itself is a separate part that you screw in to the frame as needed, like an eye-bolt. The covers on my model did not have tethers.
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By "rear footwell" you mean inside the car, correct? If so, lift up your rear seats - you should just be able to grab the front part of the seat, where your legs would bend, and lift.

Look on the floorboard close to where the seat is hinged - about where your butt would be. On my Fit I have a row of evenly spaced round plastic pieces in similar size to what is in your picture. Maybe one of those came loose.
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I used to have a Honda City (precursor to Jazz) and I think* there was a hole under spare wheel that had a cap like this.

* False memories feel so real sometimes
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Thanks for all the answers. It's the centre console cover linked by whatnotever. Depending on the position of the front seats, it's hard to see!
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